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  1. We won a 333 prize with a $333.00 gift card for Bullbuster line last year at the Grand Haven Tournament. First off, $333.00 is a ton of line when the price is that low The Braid has been good 30# high vis backer has been good I was not a big fan of the 20# blue rigger line we picked up
  2. Thanks for the info, I got ahold of Ray....
  3. Thought it was a Silver Streak; however, Chip from Silver Streak has informed me that it was not one from them?
  4. The cannon termination kit works great, I run my X-4D probe and a 15 pound weight all the time.... you will be fine.
  5. Yea that fog was crazy, that was one night I was thankful for radar and GPS.
  6. I would be interested in coming up from Grand Haven to fish, how do I go about getting current info? Thanks, Chris On The Fly
  7. 20# BloodRun Tournament mono..... Love the stuff
  8. Started Salmon fishing last year in my 17' Tracker Pro Deep V but got blown off more then we got to fish, so I just picked up a 30' Chris Craft 300 Express. We now have the boat slipped in Spring Lake and are fishing out of Grand Haven. On The Fly
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