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  1. Nets are still off Whitehall. Local bait shop (Johnsons) says they have been abandoned . There are three sets so be careful. Two out near the wreck buoy in 61 and 85 feet northwest of the channel. The other I am told is south of the channel. 6-12-2013
  2. Maybe we can petition the owners of this site for Perch forum. For now I guess we use this general one. Mike
  3. The old Wreck buoy sits in 54 feet on the east edge of the perch hole and the flag is down in the water on that one. I looked it over close but don't know who takes care of that flag but if they read this they should get that one back up as well. Most us locals who fished off the White lake Channel know about the Perch hole and Wreck buoy. The Indian nets however are right on the line most guys take when heading out to fish off the twin dunes. These net sets are a menace and are going to cause some serious damage to someones boat.
  4. I am informed there is also a set of buoys to the south of the channel in 90 feet. If anyone can please mark those we need coordinates on them. They have floating ropes between them which can wind up in your prop so be extra careful approaching Thanks, Mike
  5. I posted the coordinates of the two sets to the northwest of the wall. I didnt go south so we need those marked as well. Those ropes are going to get someone before daylight or after dark. I can see it now a direct drive twin screw cabin cruiser taking out both props with several hundred feet of rope wound around them. Mike
  6. Looking for best forum here for Lake Michigan Perch fishing information. I live in The Muskegon Area and looking for a good reports page on perch fishing. Mike:thumb:
  7. Indian nets off White Lake in 61 to 80 feet . There are two sets with 4 to 5 floats on each set. There are long ropes connecting and it looks like one boat blew through the middle of one set in the dark as several ropes are frayed and extending out from the sets. BEWARE . North west of the White Lake pier head. Very close to the old perch hole and Wreck Buoy . I circled and marked them on my GPS Coordinates for the deep one are N 43 degrees 22.892' The other one is near the Wreck buoy on the west edge of the perch hole in 61 to 65 feet Coordinates are West 43degress 27.130' Anyone else have any other net problems to report? Mike
  8. I was out there Sunday Morning and saw them and investigated. They are Indian nets and are located in two sets near the wreck buoy. Four or 5 floats on both sets. Cant touch them by law. I personally want to see the Indian netting stopped but its up to our inept government who bows to everyone but American citizens. To avoid them stay straight west out of the Channel until you hit 85 feet before turning north. Someone is going to get into those in the dark and really have a mess. I'm glad we went straight out at 4:30 Sunday morning. I normally head northwest right out of the channel and fish in front of the twin Dunes. I marked the area out after my investigation and now have to hope they don't move them. These things should have lights on them for running boats at night. Talonz
  9. There must be more fish down that way. We trolled all over out in front of White lake and once we got out to 100 feet we saw NOTHING. No bait, No fish and no one else was tearing it up either. I heard of two other fish caught and one boat was 1 for 3 . They were in 150 and 180 fishing 10 to 20 feet off the bottom. I dont like fishing that deep so I pulled and headed home with one King at 8 to 10 pounds . 94 feet of water right at first light 45 down on a Glow Watermelon spoon.
  10. Fished today off White Lake . Water temps barely over 45 degrees on the top. Started in close and probably should have stayed there. Lots of bait and fish marking right out in front of the Channel outlet before daylight. Started out at 5:00 am by running my 31 inch Planer boards out about 80 feet and setting two lines hoping for a brown or so. No luck set down riggers when we hit 60 feet of water down 45 and 50 with stackers at 35 and 40. trolled out to 94 and hit a 10 pound King on a Glow Watermelon Spoon 45 down. After putting that one in the box we had a bunch of rod problems and had one rod go overboard only to get it back by pulling in the Planer board on that side. I should have used my Tite Loc tree but tried to get away with less hardware. Ended up pulling in both boards and setting my other two riggers with long arms instead. The set up worked fine but the fish shut off by the time I got things situated where we could fish. Its been years since we fished out here so lessons learned. Indian Nets all over out there in 70 /80 feet northwest of the pier heads. Avoid at all costs. No more hits but did hear some reports of fish being taken in 180 feet 160 down. So we were 1 for 1 . Pulled at 11:00 am and called it day. Talonz
  11. Cool, just what the doctor ordered. Not interested in the dukes, lakers or Anything huge for that matter. We like the smaller kings and smaller Cohos. Ill run the top half and also use planer boards with small jet divers to get spoons down 30 or so. Thanks for color tips. Ill start before daylight with Glow watermelon spoons . Wind is going to turn and come from the east Sunday and Monday. Ill be out there both Days in the Talonz Starcraft. Most likely fish 4:30-5:00 am till 2:00 pm. Mike
  12. Was very bummed out today after checking the old Benona park Launch up at Stoney Lake .Lower stoney creek to be exact.. Closer deep water used to make this a great place to trailer launch our 18 foot starCraft but now the lower end of the ramp has dropped about 3 feet and the drop off is too much for anything other than little boats. So we will be forced to run out of White Lake for a couple days mainly Sunday and Monday. An easterly wind flow is fore casted . This always brings fish in close off Stoney lake. Does anyone have anything to report out of White Lake or North of White Lake? Mike
  13. I headed up that way checking launches. Stoney creek mouth launch is destroyed except for real small boats. Ill be going out of White Lake Sunday and Monday. I have heard nothing from Pentwater or Ludington. Mike
  14. Nice to see a Coho caught. They are my favorite cooked on the grill. Ill take a limit of those 3 and 4 pounders any day. Mike
  15. We just got back from the launch at Stoney Creek which is north of White Lake Channel. Its too nasty for our star craft or any other boat over 12 feet right now as the lower half has caved in making it very steep. Im bummed as we like fishing off Stoney . It takes about 4 gallons of gas to run up there and back from White Lake. It's looking like we will fish Sunday and Monday out of White Lake. Deep water comes real close to shore off Stoney Lake Which why we like there. Short run out to 120/130 feet. We use the same reels we use for musky just put on down rigger poles. I got 4 cannons and run 6 to 10 rods when we use our Planer boards. Not bad set up for an 18 foot boat. Tracks are the key. Those tracks mount anything fishing related. Any how, good to see you branching out. We filled the freezer with blue gills last month and now Im needing some fresh Cohos for the grill. Cook in tin pan with lemon butter and onion sauce then stripe it right on the wires close to the coals. Awesome stuff man. After we brown it we pour the lemon butter sauce over the chunks of fillet. GAWWWWD!!!!! IM hungry man Mike
  16. Hey Kid, trying your luck on the Kings I see???:D I just registered here for information as well. Nothing like 4 pound Coho on the grill YUM!!! Mike and Michelle
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