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  1. Went solo. Ended up 1-4. Fished 80-120 fow. All hits within from 90-100 fow.

    1-2 (3 lb king) - Rigger down 75, Mag Moonshine Super Shadow RV

    0-1 (10-15 lb king) - Mag Dipsey on 1 out 150 ft, SD Chrome with green holo/glow tape & Glow Poofster Fly

    I missed my chance at netting him and the fish swam under the boat and cut me off!

    0-1 - 300 30lb Cu, Silver streek Wht George Double Glow Mag

    Had each of my rods fire so that was nice. I don't mind loosing fish but I want that flasher-fly combo back! It's gotten me a fish every trip!

  2. Was out last night and found a ton of marks in 125-135 fow all below 90 feet. Went 1-2. Missing a hit on a BLL Kato on the rigger down 125.

    Picked up a 5 lb king on a Chrome/Glow SD with a white fly. Magnum dipsey out 255.

    The bait I've been pulling out of fish has been large - a 7-inch alewife and a 7-inch smelt pulled out of the fish last night.

    I'm hoping the waves stay down for Saturday AM.


  3. 4-4 between 90&120.

    King 20 lb immature!- standard DW Lemon ice. 200 20 lb walleye copper.

    Laker 21 in - DW SD silver with white/black tape white fly. Mag dipsey on 1 out 150.

    Laker 18 in - mod blue dolphin mag. 300 30 lb copper.

    King 4 lb - big lake lures kato - down rigger down 100

    All trolling speeds from 1.9 - 2.5.

    Wil post a pic of the big king later.

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