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  1. Not sure of your boat length or if it glass or aluminum. Not familiar with the Jarvis Waker being over here in the States. My boat is a little over 5 meters and aluminum. I have on it a 24v 70lb thrust Minn Kota with a 60" shaft (I think ... it is the longest one they make). I upgraded from an old MinnKota 12v, 36lb and 48" shaft. Best thing I ever did. Longer shaft means less the motor is less likely to pitch out of the water in waves. Higher voltage gives you much greater staying power. And the extra thrust is valuable in the wind/waves ... never have too much power.
  2. When I set my boat up, I had the debate between a track system or a triple on each side. I went with the triples, as I did not feel that the added placement oportunities with the track really justified teh expense (smaller boat, so they would have only been 24-30" tracks). That being said, I went with Vectors and they are bullet proof. Not even sure if you can still get them since Aqua View (or was it Naturevision) bought them out. Wow, after posting this I Googled Vector learned they have recently been sold to Traxtech.
  3. Similar situation this am. Headed out of Muskegon, even checked the forcast before I left ... 1' or less was the prediction. Wind was not too bad until shortly after we got set up. The wind began picking up out of the east ... lets just say it was a long, wet, COLD ride coming back in.
  4. Hit the water about 5:30 pm, cleared the pier heads and headed due west, started setting up once I hit 90. At 125 headed due south and worked 100 to 130 for the rest of the evening. Ended up a whopping 1/1, about a 12 lb king. That fish came on a 7 color core with a mag Kovokian spoon. Also had a 5 color out and at varios times even attached a snap weight to it (3/4ox & 2oz), two dipseys with flasher fly combos (ran at various lengths back), riggers saw all sorts of spoon combinations and ran them from 35 down to 60 feet. On the way back in we saw a pretty good group of boats to the north ... heard a few fish being talked about on the radio. I guess I should have headed north instead. Slow night ... but man it sure did feal great to get back out there!! This was the first time I'd been out since the end of the '07 season!!! Now that my traveling days are over, I plan to be hitting the water hard this year. Anyone else out there tonight?
  5. Dang Captin Dan .... you had me all fired up for a minute!! I thought when you said 'Freak Out', I thought this was gonna be thread about that infamous lake over here on the west side, nicknamed the Freek. Can't mention the real name for fear of starting another 20 page thread .... but it is in the city of Fremont. Good to see your posts again Dan. I made it over one time this year, wanted to stop and introduce myself ... but the only time I saw you was as you were pulling away from the gas docks. For those of you that aint got a clue what I'm talking about .... you just had to be there at the time to understand.
  6. Bob - Even though I have not won one of your gift certificates .... I'd still like to thank you and the other sponsers for donating. Thanks again, Ed
  7. Nice catches Cap'n Dan! What kind of program have you been running lately? Ed
  8. Rich ... we all know 40lbers won't hit on PINK fishing line.:rotflmao:
  9. Thanks instructions and pics both Rich and Mike. I had forgotten all about trying to make some of these up for this year. Hope your back is getting better Rich. Ed
  10. Well, everyone else pretty much summed up my thoughts, thanks to everyone that participated. I'm glad I was able to get in the last two events for the year. And I am planning on being in all next year, so long as Caz schedules them on my off weekends .... maybe I'll have to send him my work schedule to make sure this happens. Don't put those boats away yet .... its almost walleye season.
  11. Set lines in about 60 or so and headed west. Worked out to just about 90 a little before daybreak ... without a bump or marking much. Heard Caz and SarahC each into a fish or two in around 50 .... so I swung around, but I shoulda kept going west. Must have been about the same time they started heading west. Finally was able to connect with our only fish of the day, about 9:00, on a 7 color with one of those high dollar ladder back lite up J-plugs.
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