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  1. Just use 20 ft or so of fluorocarbon for a leader and be done with it.
  2. It might be possible to make a mold or have one made. I use 12 lb round cannon balls and find the blowback with fish hawk probe not that much different then the other side without the probe. You can find molds for them.
  3. look at A-tom-mik torpedo downrigger weights.
  4. Those greatlakes boat ramps are steep it takes power low range and weight to pull boat out even a 22 ft islander.
  5. I think magna dyne changed the blanks. I have some old nailers that look like that.
  6. Who makes that spoon I can't seem to find it any place?
  7. If you look close at that weight it looks like theres a hole in the fin to attach your release to I think that weight hangs down with the fin to keep it from spinning. I have seen other weights like that and thats the way they worked.
  8. How would you change your spread as the progresses what would you change?
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