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  1. WANTED garmin "G" chart chip for eastern lake erie basin. i'm told these chips are discontinued....thanks
  2. the sun has baked this old fiberglass canoe we have to the point the gelcoat?? or exterior has cracked and small pieces have fallen off. i was hoping to sand it,and fill in any spots or cracks with just the resin. anybody have any good ideas ???
  3. just wanted to say hi...and thanks before i tap into the wealth of knowledge that's in this site.Bonnie and i fish out of pt. colborne ont...it's been a steep learning curve, a comedy of errors in fact, including impaled didgets,costly line cutting tangles,broken boats and on and on..( my frienda are laughing now) ..there is a good bunch of guys here and i learn something every time.. by4now
  4. thanks for the links Ken, i'll read those next...i figure i'm somewhere at the begining of the learning curve, having fished out of pt.colborne for only 2 years. we run jets and dipsies off of inline boards, just bought leadcore reels to use on the inside...way to many tangles up til now, but steering straight has been an issue. good group out here and i learn something every time..thanks again for the tips
  5. when using dipsy divers on a 1 to 3 setting the depth reached is less than at a 0 setting...for a given speed and amount of line out. how far away from the center line does the dipsy track as you dial it out ??? safe to say that you sacrifice some depth to get away from the boat some unknown distance??? maybe there are to many variables...travel direction ,current,etc, but it would be nice to know....can anyone help?
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