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  1. We were out in the same water last night as well and I would agree, the fishing was outstanding. We picked up two right away, had a lull for 20 minutes, and then from 7:45 until dark it was a fire drill. For the last hour before dark we had a maximum of 4 lines in the water because each time we'd set one down it would get hit within 5 minutes. Many doubles and rods laying all over the boat. Luckily we lost minimal tackle. The final count was 15-23, many 10 lb fish but five being 14+. Don't forget to run meat .
  2. I was in that Intrepid. What you all don't know is we were hooked on the bottom and attempting to retrieve a plug. I think you all would do the same thing if all that you had out were riggers/divers and turning around was not an issue. That's all I'm going to say about it. Besides that we picked up 4 nice kings, 23.5 lbs being the largest, and a healthy 5 lb walleye.
  3. You may have done this but I'll tell ya anyway. I've found if you can't get fish to bite and they should be there, and then you finally get one to go, stay on that same troll in the same depth of water. If you were going west and the current was pushing your baits south, your baits weren't running correctly, hence no bites. When you turned south, the bait probably ran with normal action like it should have and you picked one up. I can't tell you how many times troll direction and current can make or break a fishing period. Just my two cents.
  4. All I can say is, those fish are biting. We had several friends that did very well last night. Take your coppers with fast action spoons and you'll have better luck.
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