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  1. WOW. Those are some beauties. Well done and thanks for the report.
  2. That...was...aaawwwesoommme! ! So much better than watching red bars on a vexilar as another dink perch closes in on the teardrop. I'm pulling my hair out with the return of old man winter. Thanks for the link!
  3. You had me till the 42#'er showed up. I hate April 1.
  4. Shuda, so what you're saying is "good" news travels fast . I got to admit, if nothing else, it is convenient.
  5. Can somebody clarify "good numbers"? Doesn't sound like it could get much better than this, but I find that hard to believe.
  6. Fished PS this morning with Shudacudawuda and a rookie. Out the channel at approx 6:10 and had 3 small kings in the box by 7. All on moonshines- moab, flounder pounder, and dalmation; 25 - 35 down in 75 FOW. 1 more on moonshine spoon (forget which one) around 7:30, approx 10-12lbs in 90FOW, 40 down. 3 more bigger kings between 8 and 10:30 to finish 7 for 7. Last 3 (1 15lber and other 2 pushin 20) came between 100 and 115, 40 to 60 down, all on Wonderbread J-plug. All fish caught on riggers, nothing happening on the dipsy's, no lead out. Beautiful morning to be out and my best trip of the year to date. The lake turning over seemed to really move em up a bit in the water column. We were reading low 60's in close and warmer the farther out we went. No temp at the ball, yet. PS- Great site guys, nice to find a web site full of positive and helpful posts and low on ego's and cynics.
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