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  1. we did get a run up the grand. will fish the river this weekend and post results
  2. congrats mark. i finally made it north last weekend but spent entire time marooned ( backpacking ) on noth manitou with my wife. will be heading up fri. the 14 for a weekend of fish fun. you able to forecast on the cohos for those days ?
  3. mark, fished out of glen arbor fri. night, sat. morn and eve. by the north island and totaled apprx. 20 fish. they ranged from skippers to lunkers. do you ever fish north ( glen arbor or leland ) or stick with frankfort. i live in g.r. but fish with the father-in-law (maple city ) a lot during july, august and sept. could use a resource when i'm north, can you be of assistance ?
  4. am going north on friday and was wondering if anyone has been fishing either the islands or at frankfort. would appreciate any info.
  5. browns were caught between 40 - 60 f.o.w. on a rigger 25' down, bloody nose, dipsy set on 2.5 , 60' back, orange & silver lure with black and white ladderback and at dark on rigger 18' down, moonshine flounder pounder.
  6. we set lines at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth, 50 f.o.w. trolled west and picked up our first brown at 60 f.o.w. ( rigger 25 down ). fished till dark, enjoyed the fireworks up and down the shoreline. did not go deeper that 100 f.o.w. total for the night - 3 browns ( 6-8 lbs. ) one king ( close to 15 lbs. ). great night on the water.
  7. fished grand rapids last night in the rain, below 196. saw a good number of fish surfacing and a couple caught. landed a 10 lb male. however, saw more fisherman than fish
  8. fished memorial day weekend in sleeping bear bay.fished sat. and mon. mornings, going 3 for 3 on lake trout. talked with other fisherman and things are slow up there. did here some talk of salmon being caught before the weekend.
  9. will be fishing north this weekend. wonder if you have any new reports?trying to decide glen arbor or frankfort
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