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  1. great job was supposed to head out tonight but the guy going had other things come up o well hope to get out sometime before the weekend
  2. Good job buster. It was decently froggy out we went deep as well and didn't take hits till we worked back in to 40 fow should of stayed shallow I guess
  3. Hey guys just wondering if any one fished this morning or last night that could give me any updates thanks
  4. hit the water this morning just before 6 am started just outside the peir heads with everyone else made 2 passes with noting going so ran out to 60 fow and set back up trolled out to 110fow with nothing going turned back in and had a hit on a free slider rigger 40dn in 70fow, went in to 50fow and turned back out hit the 70 fow again and had the 2color go landed a nice 17lb king that was it from the sounds of it we should have stayed on a west troll and went out deep. think the water is actually to cold up close 0/1 on rigger silver spoon with green dots free slider 1/1 2 color with a mixed veggie
  5. thanks guys, hey buster how was the size of the fish you got into?
  6. Havnt been out of gh in 2 weeks just curious on the reports as of late headed out in the morning. Thanks guys
  7. good job jeff yea we also fished the tourny and had a blast got into some good fish on saturday and our meat rigs were hot for us but sunday was a different story meat slowed and flys were good but if it could break it did for us i think we lost 15 straight fish due to equipment failures. we had 3 brand new hooks on flys and meat just break just a bad day for us after being in the top 20 we fell down to the low 40's after the weigh in sunday
  8. a question when you guys are done fishing the baits that you have used do you put them back in your brine or just keep them in a plastic zip lok bag
  9. Just starting out running meat Rigs was wondering what kind of brines you guy put your meat into thanks guys
  10. Prolly won't be many reports this weekend due to the fact that the Muskegon offshore challenge is this weekend
  11. Well decided to fish in the 4-5 footers last night started in 80 fow and trolled north west to 130 fishing was a bit slow and bumpy but fun ended up going 4-6 took 2 hits in 120 and the rest towards dark in 90-80. Had one king go absolutely bazirk luckily I only have a 17 ft boat cause he got to the back ofte boat and decided to do laps around the boat ended up chasing him around the front of the boat it was fun for sure can't belive we landed him. What worked Blue flounder pounder 55 down rigger 4# steelhead Blue flounder pounder 45 down rigger 5# king 11 in md sd with vantrilaquist fly 175 back on 2 1/3 11 white and green sd with shirbirt fly mag dipsey on 1 90 back
  12. just curious since you cant order spoons right off the moonshine website, what is a good site with all the spoons to order moonshine spoons? thanks
  13. its not just you we have lost 40 fish or more in the last week and half or land to hook up ratio has been absolutly terrible recently. we had one trip were we only went 2 for 13 beat that lol:eek:
  14. well hit the lake around 6 pm set lines in 40 fow water and trolled out to 100 and worked the 90-70 fow area. ended the night at 10 going 2/5 just couldnt keep the hooks in them but what a great night on the water couldnt ask for a better night on the water what worked for us 7 color with lemon ice ss 8lb king 60fow rigger 40 down purple ice 90 fow lost mag braid dipsey on 2 120 back with a 11 in mountain dw spin doctor and ventriloquist fly lost big fish 5 color orange spoon forgot name 18lb king full core with blue dolphine lost at boat about 10lb king
  15. nice job but no way i would even think about reeling in that copper lol
  16. good job guys it was considerably slower for us, went 2 for 5 but we started out in 120 and didnt come in shallow till around 830
  17. took a couple newbies out last night started in 80fow of water and trolled west out to 140 with nothing, got on a south east troll and hit 130 and the fun started lost one on the full core then as soon as it was back out had a triple go with the 7 color dipsey and rigger, some how got all 3 in spun back on the mark and had a double go with the 7 color and 10 color. was a great night to be out and got the newbies some nice kings smallest was around 8-9 lb and our biggest went 19. fished from 6-930pm only bad part of the night was as pulling lines i caught my full core set up that was in the holder and splash there it went in 120 fow . full core 1 for 2- green dolphin 7 color 2 for 2 - some green spoon dont know the name rigger 40 down blue dolphin dipsey 150 back- 11in blue and white paddle with blue mirage fly so if anyone snags a 10 color set up let me know lol
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