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  1. You can run free sliders on your down rigger rods, than you will be covering more of the water column.
  2. Whent 10 - 11 with 2 kings 2 lakers and 6 cohos from 70-130 fow. Launched at holland but most of the fish are a ways south. brads thin fin orange in the top 30 feet, RV crab face on rigger 45-30 dowen took most fish.
  3. Good work on the trout!! How was the water level at the boat ramps?
  4. nice job on the fish!!! we are heading out Wednesday out of luddington.
  5. started at 5:00 in 80 fow had 4 kings and one coho in the box by 8:00 in 90-120 fow then out to 150-120 piked up 4 steel jumpers and lost 6 others. I had two green horns with me and they really got a kick out of the jumping steelhead. they had a awesome time as did i. ended up 9-16 are hot rigs where 5,6,7 color with NBK, orange crush,mongoose and a green fly i tied up my self with 2 spin and glows for teasers behind a Mt dew spin doctor 8" on a diver set at 3 out 110. we stayed straight out of holland. we puled lines at about 12:00
  6. i do the same as seahawk and have no problems!!!!
  7. started in 70 fow at 6:00 got the divers out 50 feet and bam had 3 hits by the time we got riggers down. all spoons greens and blues picked up 5 kings in 70-85 fow by 9:00 than nota. so we when't to 125 fow not a thing. turned around hit a nice laker in 120 fow. when't back in to 80 got a king. headed for the harbor and started marking fish put on little silver spoons and picked up 3 steelhead. ended up 9 for 15. green chilly willy and bloody nose was hot riggers and dipsys. lead core got 2 steelhead 4 and 5 color. not one king on lead, last thursday we went 10 for 15 all but 5 on lead....
  8. 5,6,7 color lead core has been doing good for me.
  9. thanks for the report, i will be out thursday A.M boat name stress relief
  10. We set lines at7:00 a.m. in 60 f.o.w first hit in 65 on orange crush on a slider 50 down fish off. 114fow 8 lb king on 7 color then out 150 fow not at bite back to 130 fow marked the most stayed in 130 till 2:30 got a 2 man limit. Lead 5,6,7 color was best riggers at 50 and 90 free sliders. All spoons bloody nose, black fin tuna,orange crush, silver with green ladder back, pink pantes. We lost 5 at the boat one BIG KING. Everyone left, not a boat in sight when the fishing was the best around 12:00 on. I think They are boat shy! I have a 16.5 with a 70 hp 4 strok vary quiet
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