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  1. Weekend trip consist of Friday,tow for two and half hours, Set up camper, Fish Sat. from 6am to 2 to 4 pm depending on waves and action, Sun. fish from 6 am to noon, Pack up camper and tow two and half hours home. Wife tows the boat,( 26' striper) and I tow Fifth wheel.
  2. Oh I got the itch, bought a new boat in october, and can't wait to get her in the water,Just installed auto pilot, the lowerance hds8, radio, Garmin gps, two big jons, and need to install side rod holders and planer masts, can't wait for warmer temps. come on spring!!!
  3. I was looking to get over to the western end of lake erie this spring for some walleye and wondered if anyone could tell me where I could camp and have a boat docked near by. Would like to go for a week and just leave the 26' seaswirl in the water , Any ideas?? Thanks Rick
  4. And I thought I was the only one with these kind of problems, I do think we are close though. 2008, July fourth weekend, we are in erie for a whole week. started with one day on the water,First time out and boat ran great,cought 4 nice ones, next day left the dock and headed for the trenches out of walnut creek, boat started to realy make some noises like lifters and than I noticed the temp gage was off the top, as I stoped, it stalled and locked up. We are four miles out in three ft. seas, Dead in the water, Well I flag down another fisherman going in, He towed us in and we get on the trailer and I take it to a local marina, I told them I wanted it for our trip in august so just fix it right! Well two weeks later I call and find out they didn't touch it yet but will this week. Call again and they say they got the drive off but do not have the motor out, Call again and motor is still not out, We are going to be in erie for ten days in two weeks, no problem. Call day before we leave and I am told that the heads are cracked, new ones wont be in for a week, Well no boat for ten day vacation, I have to buy a bike and ride around the peninsula while others are just pounding the fish. Ok, We are going back to erie in two weeks for a weekend, yep it will be done, good. Well back to erie we go, pull in to set up camper and off to the marina I go, It's 5:00 and when I walk in the motor is on the floor, I just got done putting it together he said and I'll have it done by Monday. I was Pissed! Look I will not leave here without my boat, so tell me what to do and lets get this together, No he said I'll put it together tomorrow, I said no, now or it goes into the truck as is and we can be done.., So we start, and at 2am we are running, sounds good. but has a miss. lets sea trial at 9:00 am. Sleep for little while then back to lake, carb was not right and oil leaking all over in bilge. Left it there again, two weeks later, I'm back, Lets fish and off we go, Boat kept stalling at the dock but ran good w.o.t., After we fished for about a hour I looked in the bilge area and saw lots of oil, milky,what a mess.. Good thing I carry extra oil along. Back to him again, and than Its winterized, long winter of wondering, So back for the first run next year, Into the water and off to fish, Still stalling at the dock, and after about four hours not much of an oil leak but has some, so after we get on the trailer I head to a different marina for some oil and as I pull into the lot with boat in tow, The trailer axle snaps!, This is a thirty ft. boat on a tandem, Now 2 New axles, new carb and now it runs great, Ah look there is a newer boat, ya maybe less problems, ok, sold the old, and after spending about $8000.00 its someone elses. Do you think the new one will be any different?? BOAT, $$ about another thousand $$ Hay sherman If you get to erie your welcome also, I just love to be on the water and catch some eyes. Oh ya, The marina that did the work is now out of business so no one else has to worry, The new guys I go to are great to work with.
  5. I,m looking to put a board set up on the new boat so how much and do you have a mast for sale also
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