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  1. Kids are off for spring break so we went to the st joe yesterday. We caught 8 and lost 3. Fished between the junk cars and the a frames.
  2. Glad to hear you got back safely. Lake Michigan is no place to be stranded. If you were stranded for 2 hours, how come you did not call the coast guard or towboat.us?
  3. Well....someone has to make this comment. 60' of leader + 60' of lead core + 30' behind the ball = 150' of line. If the ball is whats spooking the fish, why not put out 150' of line and drop your ball 10' deeper? By the time the spoon gets to where the ball spooked the fish, everything should be back to normal.
  4. I know....no $1,000 units. But...... I have been pondering taking the plunge on this deal, for a Lowrance LCX-111C Is this what your buddy got? Do you know where he got it from?
  5. Nice job Rich! Whats your preferred weapon for bush tail hunting?
  6. Do you use it on the inside of the window also?
  7. Its a pain in the but driving the boat with your head sticking out the side of the boat because you can not see through the windshield. What does everyone do about the morning dew on the windshield on their boat? Does Rain X or anti fog work?
  8. Standard hook, 2x strength, or 4x strength? Wont adding to big of a hook take away from the lures action?
  9. Lead core will only get you down so deep. I prefer to only use a full core or less. I hate reeling in all the extra line. In order to get deeper without adding more lead core, some people add extra weight. When adding weight to lead core, do you add the weight to the backing next to the lead core, to the lead core, or to the leader?
  10. I believe a lot of fish are lost because of hooks that are not sharp. Who sharpens their hooks or changes them out? If you are changing them out, what brand of hook are you using? If you are sharpening them, what are you using to sharpen them?
  11. I see the site has a "Moon Phase" indicator on the home page. Does the moon phase have any affect on salmon and trout?
  12. What size swivel's is everyone using on their wire line dipsey's?
  13. I see one post saying they use a backing. What about others. Are you using a backing, or do you only put on wire?
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