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  1. Fished 70-120 fow going 3-3 two lakers and a king. 2 on DR 40 and 50 down. One on a slide diver 180 back on 3.
  2. Hopefully our July event will produce better fish!
  3. No garbage, but only beach grass on my rigger. Did have to dodge 2 balloons and a Costco bag.
  4. Ended 2-2 in the holland 3+1. Started in 130 fow and picked up a quick SH. On a 5 color watermelon. Made another pass to get a LT on a dr 70 down on a coyote spoon. Thats all we could come up with. Marked a lot of fish, just couldn't get em to commit.
  5. Went 4 for 4 fishing 90-140.5 color double orange crush took 1. Spinnies and flies back 135 took 2 and a 300 copper with mixed veggies took 1. All kings in the teens but 1. Great night to fish.
  6. Fished on the Fins and Grins tonight landing 4 for 5 1 steel and 3 ho's. Nothing on riggers or dipsy's. all 225 copper and 5 and 7 colors with double orange crush being the best. straight out 80-120 FOW.
  7. Went out on my second trip this year with reality check on board and started off hot around 6:00 with a nice king that jumped the net,went around the sb rigger twice. Demon fish. That was it for the night. Started and boated the one in 90 FOW. 50 down 60 back on a rigger super screw spoon. Made it out to 150 FOW and back again. Very little bait with even fewer fish marked. Still al in all a very nice night to be out. Steve Any minute
  8. nice recap Jon, We ended up 3 for 8 or something like that. Pickled sunshine behind a mtn. dew paddle down 80 was good for us again. Glow-frog on the rigger same depth was doing its share also. making another trip out tonight. probably string to stay inside 120 fow this time. I think some bigger fish are staying a little out of temp. Seemed to get some of the smaller variety out deep last night.
  9. Eric, I agree with Jon. We usually ended up in around 80-120 FOW and pulled around 9:15 and had time to spare... but not much.We always seemed to hook up around that time so things got a bit nuts.... Man I need to catch a fish.
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