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  1. Another vote for the Garmin, best pilot on the market. It's not about bells and whistles which it has it's about performance and keeping you on coarse in adverse conditions which it does best. Anywhere from $3100-$3400 depending on the quality of installation and the amount of supporting materials you need.
  2. I dont believe the internal gps unit come standard with a nmea 0183 pigtail like the external gps units do. So for your Humminbird you will need the as hhgps kit. Your. Cobra radio should have the nmea 0183 wires hanging out the back. You will need to identify them with your owners manual. Once you get all the wires identified you will need to hook the Humminbird nmea 0183 + out also called talk to the nmea 0183 + in also called listen on your cobra radio. Also the corresponding ground wire too. To gain full dsc capability you will need to obtain a mmsi number online and program that into your radio. Tip: Those nmea wires are probably some of the smallest wires you will ever work with there's only 1 easy and effective way to connect those wires. That is using yellow scotch lock connectors. They are gel filled and do not require and stripping of that tiny wire and you can find them at most home improment stores like lowes or home depot.
  3. Ive used the Shimano taloras the last couple years, I have been extremely happy with them. They are more money but the lifetime warranty is nice to have. Ive also used the ugly sticks and was satisfied with them. They are good rods. http://calumetmarine.3dcartstores.com/Trolling-Rods_c_27.html
  4. We sell the whole herring and the strips. Our most popular by far is the strips because they are already prepared and so easy to use. No fileting or brining needed. The whole we do not ship due to the fact that it is very temperature sensitive and if it gets to warm it can be ruined although the strips are very forgiving so we can ship those and have done so for a few years now. http://calumetmarine.3dcartstores.com/Bait_c_9.html
  5. I dont know how many of you are familiar with HewesCraft but it is our main boat line here at Calumet Marine. HewesCraft is an all welded heavy gauge aluminum boat. But thick aluminum does not mean heavy boat with the 20 ft boat with a 8ft beam listed below only having a 1800# dry weight. It pushes the limits of what can possibly be done with an aluminum boat in terms or effieciency, strength, and smooth ride capabiliy. This boat is one we rigged out as a show piece 2 year ago. We up a fuil Traxtech track system with all the rod holders, Vector downriggers, Garmin TR-1 Gold autopilot, raw water washdown, battery management system, Honda 150 and 8hp high trust kicker, great sounding stereo, VHF radio, Fish Hawk downrigger probe, and tandem axel aluminum I beam trailer. Some of the pictures are before and after shots but it turned out to be one nice rig.
  6. Ive done a few, instead of using a hydraulic pump you use a Octopus drive. Octopus made the drive motor for the extinct Simrad AP12/AP14. Wire the Octupus drive up to an X10 or a GHP-12 (Same as the GHP-10 but can be used with univeral drives and a rudder sensor). Hydraulic is still the best option but that adds at least another $1500 for the conversion and this will still perform way beyond a sportpilot.
  7. Calumet Marine does not just carry Garmin, we carry all of the major autopilots. Garmin is just our favorite. If you have Hydraulic Steering there is no question about it, go with a GHP-10(Garmin), or if you want to stick with Raymarine a X-10 which is also a good unit. Hydraulic autopilots in general are usually much more precise, quicker, and more reliable which means it will maintain control in situations were the Sportpilot will struggle. I have a Garmin GHP-10 on our tournament fishing boat and it holds use straight on in 6-8 footers when even standing can be difficult.
  8. Grease traps work great, in my opinion they are only good on the bottom for lakers Here's a video taken off my dads boat of us fishing with grease traps and spin n glos RyCI0p9yEyM
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