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  1. Nice work! Wish I still had my boat ready. I think I winterized to early this year.
  2. Eric how late will we be fishing saturday? They still dont have a game start time. Im looking at staying in Crawfordsville on Friday so we are closer. I could maybe even fish Friday night if nights are a better option. Call me tonight if you can. 612-801-6025 Duke

  3. Nice work Kyle wish I would have seen you at the landing. We were out after the rain Saturday and were 13/15 from 2pm to 5:30 missed the peak time but a good run. Then hit it sunday early and did great should have had our 3 man limit by 7am but the would not stick. We started 1-7 in the first half hour couldent even get the full spread out ended up 9-18 or so lost track of the hits. We did get 1 25# 4year old, solid fish and the guy that caught it was on his first salmon trip ever. He is hooked!!
  4. I’m going to be traveling to West Lafayette for a Gophers Perdue football game on October 8th. I’m thinking about leaving Thursday and will have Friday open. Is the fishing any good that time of year? Would anyone have a open seat? I am more than willing to chip in for gas bring beer whatever is needed.
  5. Thanks Kyle, I was fishing with Chris on team Pioneer in the offshore challenge. You went by us a few times that weekend. Fishing was good till last friday, hope it picks up again this weekend.
  6. I fish Sturgeon Bay WI. Chris "Pioneer" told me about this site. I will be fishing this weekend any good reports???
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