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  1. Thanks to all for your help and input...
  2. What is a Big Papa ? What are trolling valves ?
  3. Trolling with Diesel Engines Any boats on the Great Lakes Salmon fishing with Diesel motors ?
  4. Diesel Engine Salmon Trolling Is anyone fishing the Great Lakes for Salmon with Diesel engines on thier boat. Is there a problem with getting them to go slow enough ? Any suggestions ?
  5. Went 3 for 7...one triple header. Best was 90 to 130 fow, west troll. Lead core, braided dipseys and one off a swr 30 down. 30 - 50 feet down 2.6 at the ball. Paddles and flys. Blue, or white, or green flys. White or chrome paddles 8" and 10 " Boat Name "Reel Oardeal" Steve
  6. How do I purchase from you. I live in Lowell Michigan. My email is [email protected]
  7. I believe the fish cleaning station at Harbour Towne is only for slip owners. Steve
  8. Went 4 for 14 fishing 6 poles (not good % at all) Had a couple of newbies on board ....and they had fun though... Never got more than one line set on one rigger set for the first hour. 3 Kings and one steely. Kings were nice size. Fished mostly 100 to 130 fow. Double trouble at 70 feet down on a rigger was the best at dawn. Green Dolphin was the best after 8:00am 5 came on the Dipseys 225 out on 3. (NBK, Green dolphin) 9 hits off the riggers 2.2 to 2.6 at the ball. lost some nice fish. We were a little slow getting to the poles. Had one break 50lb braided line and took my dipsey with him. Guide on Penn level wind was out of alignment for where the line was on the reel? Had a great time though. Lake was not too rough at all etc.. Steve
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