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  1. I knew you guys would point me in the right direction. I appreciate it. Do you run it just like that or put shrink tubing over it and shrink it??? possibly to avoid getting stuck buy the wires???? Thanks Agian, Grizzly.
  2. OK, I finally got my wire diver rig. In the box the company sent me a swivel and beads as well as some sleves to crimp. I want to make sure I am doing this correctly. Can I get some assistance here? do i just slide the bead above the crimp and go through the swivel and back into the crimp???? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Grizzly
  3. Thanks for the report. Lets hope things get rolling soon. Grizzly
  4. Well, I went with the rod and reel I could afford. Ended up with the 10' Okuma roller rod with the okuma 45 convector reel. Spools with 30lb AFW wire with mono backing. It was all I could afford at this point. I look forward to my first fish on wire this year as I have never fought one on a wire rod. Only copper and lead. Its my understanding you want to be patient and don't horse the fish due to a direct no stretch connection on the fish. This should prove to be interesting and I am sure were gonna mess up somehow. But any tips of advice is always welcomed. Thanks, Grizzly
  5. As usual you folks always point me in the right direction. Re rigging my boat took some of my funds away as well as adding another 150 and 300 copper to my rig. But I am going to have a setup its just a question of how bad of a beating i want to take from my wife. I will need a longer rod to get out and around my riggers so that is an easy decision. But to everyone who replied i want to say thanks again. Grizzly.
  6. Now that i have my coppers I want to add a wire diver into my rigs. If anyone can recommend a good combo package it would be greatly appreciated. Or atleast the right wire rod that will last and work right. Thanks in advance, Grizzly
  7. The batteries are located in the floor near the console. I have disconnected them from the trolling motor harness as i run my graph and GPS on 1 and the other just sits there as a backup. My kicker motor does not charge anything. I plan to run 10 gauge wire and put a 30 amp breaker per the email I got from big John. 15 per rigger. They say its not necessary but I feel it's cheap insurance and piece of mind if something dead shorts to ground at least it will trip the breaker. The breaker will mount right on the battery and should be an easy installation. This upgrade to electric riggers is going to be nice. I am saving for some auto stops now. Thanks again to all who replied. Grizzly
  8. Ok, I want to do this right the first time. When hooking up the electrical on my lund i have 3 batteries. 2 are isolated from the main engine for my trolling motor. They are big series 30 batteries. I intend to use 1 of them for my riggers. My question is for you folks do you put a circuit breaker inline on the hot side of the battery going to the riggers or just run it straight up to the power with nothing. The manual shows nothing but the connection. I am a bit nervous. If i wear a battery down it will be an easy switch to the second battery. Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated as always. Grizzly
  9. Thanks to all who have replied. I will try the simple green. Grizzly
  10. I need some help in finding a product or a home solution that will clean my bilge area. It has a black dirty appearance and I would like to get it clean again. Any tips tricks or products that work well for this I am willing to try. Thanks, Grizzly
  11. 2 300 45lb coppers 2 150 45lb coppers 2 10 colors 2 5 colors 2 3 colors 2 2 colors My boats storage is limited so I do a lot of swapping reals around. 19 ft Lund only has so much room but we make the best of it. I find myself using the 2 n 3 colors late summer for j plugging and high lining for steelies. But the copper accounted for a ton of fish for us. I just got the second 150 n 300 setups for this year. Grizzly
  12. Crabface Greenjeans Awesome for us.
  13. Thanks everyone for the honest input. I look forward to this season with more stuff to learn. This should help out when searching for the break in temp. Again thanks everyone this is what makes this site awesome. Grizzly
  14. Its time for me to get speed and temp at the ball. In the past I always judge speed buy the bend of the diver rods. In the quest of wanting to Learn more I feel this will be a good investment. I just need some direction. Thanks to all who reply. Grizzly
  15. I will admit that I am fairly new to the copper deal. But it accounted for about half of my fish landed last year. I ran a 150 45lb bloodrun and a 300 45 blood run. I only had 1 of each I now have 2 of each for next year. It has helped me out when things get slow those 2 rods were still producing. Bottom line for me is it worked great and i learned everything from the good folks in this forum as they helped me out and will help you as well. Goodluck and tightlines. Grizzly
  16. I used 20 lb xt last year broke off a few times. Switched up to 30 this year and have had no issues and seems to have no affect on the fish's willingness to bite it. Especially welcomed with new anglers onboard. Grizzly
  17. Has been kicking some serious backside. I teamed it up with a John King meat rig head clean on a bigger than normal trebble hook. It has been consistantly taking fish on a mag dip 3 setting with mag ring. 175 to 150 back. Grizzly
  18. Nothing mentioned about the hooks or the manufacturer. The gentlemen replied back within a day in regards to my concern. You could email him here is email address. Maybe if others inquire about the missing hook mystery he might take it there may be an issue? Tom G <[email protected]> Grizzly.
  19. When things slow down I break out the meat rigs. Send one deep and one where things were happening in my quest with my spoon setup for first light. Then I speed things up as I dont have speed and temp at the ball yet I rely on my dipsey rods and the angle of my rigger wire. Also I do alot of turns. If you looked at my plotter you would think I was a bit confused. But more times than not it helps get me a few more bites. I know for a fact this year adding copper to my spread has accounted for more bites hands down. Especially in the slower part of the morning. Just trying to figure out how to justify 2 more copper rigs with the war department. There are a ton of great suggestions and I am learning more everytime I hit the water. I am constantly picking my mentor Andy's memory bank and Andy if you read this thanks so much for helping me and Kaylee out. Also information provided from all the members on this site. Grizzly
  20. I did recieve a reply from the manufacturer. He told me to make sure I start checking my hooks and make sure the hook is in the split ring and not half way or partially out. So as far as they know everything is good. Maybe I missed it but I constantly check after each fish the first 5 feet of line and the hooks for sharpness. I do not have any problems with the product as they do work well. Grizzly
  21. To everyone who replied I thank you, I thought i was loosing my mind but that split ring is perfect. I will send an email to the company and ask them about it. It was on a brand new crabface rv spoon that this happend. I agree with the post above on the hook sharpness out of the box. I hand hone all of them to make sure they stick in my fingernail. I will let you know what I hear in response from the manufacturer. Grizzly
  22. Ok, I had a really strange thing happen on a spoon yesterday morning. We had caught several fish on this spoon I sent it back out after inspecting both the line and the hooks to make sure they still stick into my finger nail. We drug that sucker around for 2 hours before we picked up to head in only to find that there was only a split ring on the lure. I must say i am a bit confused. Have any of you folks out there had this happen???? This was on a moonshine lure and the split ring looks to be perfect not seperated at all. Grizzly
  23. 150 and 300 additions have been a great addition. I am just trying to figure out how to get 1 more of each so i can run 300 and 150 on both sides of the boat and of course 2 more rod holders. Man the wife will love this one. Grizzly
  24. Adam, Thanks for the come back on the heat. I hear you as it crossed my mind. I will try the swivel and see how that works. I bought the blood run super in #45 and it has been taking alot of hits with the new UV stinger spoons. Seems that whole line of spoons are producing all day long on the copper. Sure has been one heck of a July. Seems like the numbers are here a bit earlier this year. Grizzly.
  25. OK, So i have a 150 and 300 setups. Been catching fish on both. What do you think about some shrink tubing over the knot between the leader and copper to make going through the guides a bit easier??? is anyone doing this or something else. Its really not bad until i hand the rod to someone that is in a hurry or is new at it. Grizzly
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