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  1. I cut the raduis, and angle, in a vertical milling machine. Do not forget to put drain holes/slots in them. Used Great Lakes Planner rubber end caps, to complete the job. 8 rod launcher, front/rear lights, with 4 place bird trees, and mounted Big Jon reels also.
  2. Both boats are wired for a LCX-111. I want to plug/play good used sonar/gps unit into the smaller boat. Does not need to be a large screen unit. Any of you folks have one for sale? My e-mail is [email protected] Thank's gents.
  3. We've had the cameras up for 3 weeks, stands are clipped clean, ground blinds are in place, and our groups are about as good as there going to get. We are ready to go.
  4. Grant, Great!! I'm ready to move. How much for the shipping on those, and I fire the simolinans over to you double quick. Thanks, Scott
  5. Grant, Yes, I do want them, and hope you feel better soon. Scott
  6. We use bouncers/harnesses on Oneida Lake. About a 1 ft to 18" chop, with a bag off the front, and turn your outboard into the waves, to put the boat parallel to the waves, and set the rods in the holders, with a tight line, a wait. The jigging action of the boat rocking will trigger the hits. We also pull harnesses trolling, with bouncers, and also hang harnesses from snap weights off small boards. # 4, or 5 Colorado blades in chartruse, or green holograghic perch patterns, but we also use black, or purple too. The fish will tell you what they like. Matter of fact, since last weekend(the Walleye opener here)the lake was closed, due to high water(go figure) were heading into Walleyeville on Sunday. The hot skillet will be a useful item later. Scott:thumb:
  7. Grant, No problem with the pics if your unable. How can we start the process?? Scott
  8. Have been interested in trying outriggers for some time. Scott
  9. Howdy folks. We fish the Eastern Basin of Lake Ontario, as well as Oneida Lake. Was looking around and found this site. NICE! Happy to share what we know, and pick up some tips as well. Looking forward to this, gents!!
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