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  1. Nice work glad to hear there hanging around still in this heat
  2. 1 OZ bouncers 1.6 1.7 MPH purple, pink crawler harness were the hottest in 20 feet of water
  3. Went out of the mouth in about 2PM got 15 and 2 perch and was back by 530PM all on crawlers. It was a great day out there beside the fact it was like 100 degrees, not a boat within 3 miles of me what a great day:thumb:
  4. Nice work I got out Saturday late got beat up so I never even tried Monday. Saturday I never got out far enough and got a few small ones and some junk they are moving north
  5. GJ Luke I gotta get back out there been kinda busy and thanks for the report
  6. To be honest Frank I never really looked at it I'm sorry. I had the wife and kid there with me, I was kinda trieing to keep an eye on them. Next time I go I will report that too
  7. We got a 3 man limit today on the bay around thomas reef crawler harnesses any color in about 2 hours very good fishing today thru back 10 or so small ones lost 4 at the boat even caught a big pike or well at least got it to the back of the boat till my line snapped lol
  8. Hey Luke are you going out this weekend? I'm trying to decide if I should go over to the Pinconning bar or try over in Sebewing. Let me know what you think Thanks Rick

  9. I was wondering if your ever on the radio and if so what your handle is. I get up there quite a bite would like to hook up
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