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  1. Do you run your #45 Copper off of a board or do you Longline?
  2. Fished St. Joe 4/12 &4/13. We boated 24 of 30fish over the two days (5 hours fishing first day;3 hrs the second). Of the 20 fish we kept, 17 came on Meat Rigs (Big Water Tackle). Here's the catch......of the 6 rods we ran, only 2 were meat poles.....Wire diver back 275' with a magnum walker dipsy and a rigger down 115' with Spin Doctor/meat rig set-up. This was the first time I ran meat in Southern Lake Michigan.....I'll never leave home without it from now on!
  3. Was out the 12th and 13th and took fish in 170-200FOW 65-115' down on the riggers and 250 back on the wire with Magnum divers. Meat rigs took 17 of the 24 fish boated over the two days (fished from 11:15-4:00 the 12th and 8:30-11:15 the 13th). I know there are fish in closer but we took advantage of flat water. There were fish taken in closer those days. I would try 75-110FOW if the wind allows.
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