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  1. 12 total, 7 are spin doctors, all rigged with flies, most have never been wet, spin doctor case $75 shipped
  2. 15 J plugs, 4 Brads cut plugs and a few extras, $75 shipped
  3. yeah i figured so, have you guys been out by the gong fishing yet?
  4. are you guys still fishing in close to pastrick or out in deep water already
  5. South....95th street to burns ditch
  6. i think were gonna stay in the Port Clinton/Catawba area. were just haven't nailed down a place to stay yet.
  7. i'd like to make a trip to lake erie, we'd bring our own boat....looking at the end of april ,early may. looking for places to say that are not to far from the hotspots, thanks for any info.
  8. nice ryan......were you fishing out of east chicago or portage?
  9. they are about the same size as a luhr jensen O, i use a rapture coho with them....a different look from everybody and their cousin who is out there with standard peanut fly
  10. 2 man limit of coho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFK8afR6hgw these guys here did most of the damage
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