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  1. Nick, Why the dislike/hate Big Game? Outside of running Hi-seas once i have always used BG. On my walleye gear 12lb as it is the same diameter of10# XT. My salmon stuff is either 20# or 25# depending pn the setup. Been running BG for 20yrs + never a problem. I do keep ALL my line in the freezer for storage.
  2. I was also up in T.C. but Fished only east bay and Frankfort.. Friday morning 4 for 10 and off the water by 9am or so....alittle rough for the wife. Sat morning I took out my f-i-l and went 2 for 10. FIL kept dropping the rods back. Saturday nite back with the wife 3 or 4 for 7. Sunday morning 3 for 5. Sunday night 2 for 3. Monday 5 for 8. Most came on j-plugs, cut plugs, or scarface plugs without meat. Thursday /Friday moonshine and nitro spoons. Rest of weekend all plugs.
  3. Moonshines must be a copy-cat. I have been using the meat plug for 2 seasons. I still think that the Brads Super Bait Plug tops all other meat presentations.IMHO
  4. Traverse city is good. 2 choices on where to fish. Frankfort is also within 45 minutes. TC state park usually not full. This is where I have been going for over 20yrs. You are not going to have 15-20 fish days but enough to keep it interesting.
  5. I know you are leaning towards wire divers but don't forget about power pro or fireline. As for reels can't go wrong with ANY of the Disease sealine series line counters. I have over 12 years on most of mine with ZERO problems. On rods diawa, okuma, eagle claw, and cabelas all have good rods.
  6. I use to run 6'-8'. Now nothing over three feet. My hookup percentage has increased since going shorter.
  7. I run Jensens. I run the outside one On 3 the inside on 1. I then run them at least 30 foot difference in length, the outside being longer. I am running power pro on all 4 rods.
  8. I myself am heading over to muskegon but may also venture out of GH or port Sheldon. I have fished out of all 3 ports but it has been 2+ years. I am also bringing the walleye and panfish gear just incase the big pond is nasty.
  9. I'll second the 20#big game. Second choice is yozuri hybrid in 20#
  10. I'll second the 20#big game. Second choice is yozuri in 20#
  11. I will be up in TC for the weekend and looking for some current reports. Unfortunately I can't get to Frankfort this trip.
  12. Going to TC this weekend ....quick trip and can't get to Frankfort. Just wondering what is happening in either east or west bays. I plan on being on the water by 6 pm Friday nite.
  13. Some guys were struggling on Saturday. One of the 2 other boats I was with only had 2-3 Walters when I left running the same program .
  14. Headed out of Port Austin around 830 am was done by noon. All fish came on 1oz unlined 40-50 back. First time back on bay since July 4. Good trip.
  15. Just looking for some updated Leland/manitou reports. If weather is ok I will be out there in the morning.
  16. I haven't seen any current reports for this area. I will be up there next week and have clients to take out. They would prefer to go salmon fishing. Walleye I can go cold on some TC area lakes and do well. thanks in advance.
  17. Fished the bay for the first time this season. 9 walters and kept best 5...17"-23". 3-3.5 mi east of spark plug with harnesses with in-lines and bb.
  18. I run my walleye jigging rods spooled with 6lb test power pro or fireline. The second rods I grab is a ultra lite 7.5 ft spooled with 2 or 4 lb fireline crystal. I have not use mono for years. On the business end I use custom tied perch rigs by yours truly. I use enough weight to keep it where I want it.
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