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  1. no not that i know of frank there are a few teachouts around that i amnot related to and keith is one of them .bob t
  2. thank you adam bomb yea i think its going to be great get kids out hunting hope it will be a success
  3. sorry that was suppose to be bob teachout not boob was getting late when i posted it
  4. hi everyone i'm bob teachout (fishinmachine )my buddy and i from work started a fennville chapter of hunters helping kids the only michigan chapter .our goal is to get kids back outdoors get them hunting and fishing .we are having a banquet on may 1 at 6 pm at the silo in allegan we are having this banquet to raise money to beable to take kids out hunting and fishing there will be auctions and raffles for guns ,bows,golf packages,and spa package for the ladies you can contact me for tickets at 616 218 4053 or nate at 616 283 8880 we will be stopping ticket sales on the 20 of april we have to give the silo a count for meals meal will be prime rib or chicken .tickets are 40 per person or 70 for a couple and 15 for kids thank you Bob teachout (HHK)
  5. hi everyone i'm bob teachout (fishinmachine) my buddy and i from work have started a fennville chapter of hunters helping kids we are the only michigan chapter .we are out to help kids learn about hunting and the outdoors get them out of the house get them active in the outdoors hunting and fishing and it will be all kind of kids from poor kids to rich kids out kids with a last wish .get kids out that may not ever have the chance so its our goal to take them out we are having a banquet on may 1 at 6pm at the silo in allegan we will have a live auction and many raffle for guns bows ,golf packages ,and spa packages for the woman if you would like tickets the are 40.00 per person or 70.00 for a couple and 15.00 for kids prime rid dinner with all the fixins you can contact me at 616-218-4053 or my buddy nate at 616- 283-8880 we are stopping ticket sale by april 20 we have to let the silo how many people .there will be no ticket sales at the door need to get hem ahead of time thank you bob teachout (HHK)
  6. nice randy hope weather gets better like to get some perch
  7. hi mike how are you doing. bob

  8. hi fishwhisperer i'm a friend of terrys dirtydog he said to ask you if the perch are biting in south haven haven't heard much thought about tring it please let me know if you know anything ty bob (fishingmachine)

  9. have not been out yet turkey hunting now

  10. well went out this morning got a late start many more boat out this morning we trolled for salmon for about 1 1/2 hours went 1 for 2 a 17 lbs king then went looking for perch found very few where dirtydog and glf and i caught them yesterday ended up finding them in 17 fow off the south peir got our 70 good day not jumbos but most 8 and 9 with a few 11
  11. thank for the trip again terry another great day of fishing fishinmachine
  12. has anyone been out perch fishing want to get out this week would like some idea what they are doing please let me know thank you fishinmachine
  13. fished tuesday 7-10 my son and i got 55 perch they were in 45 fow not monsters but a nice mess ,try in closer never had a bite
  14. fished southhaven wednesday afternoon went 3 for 6 had 3 hits on spin doctor and fly on a dipsy back 145ft and 3 hit on riggers 1 on a green spoon don't remember what it was and 2 hit came on mixed veggies not a great day but it was nice day for fishing
  15. thanks terry for the trip was fun, great fun fishing late like that .
  16. i would like to play if you still have room i'll bring a veggie tray
  17. went to south haven on tuesday with dirtydog we started out 4 for 4 on lead core then we missed some on riggers and dipsys started working we fished from 70 to 105 fow most of riggers were down 60 135 back on dipsys any thing blue and yellow early then anything white we caught fish on white fish catcher with a fly and the hot one on dipsy was wonder bread and allso had hits on white with green dots on dipsy we ended up 9 for we think 20we lost count salmon steelies and a laker it was a great day thanks to dirtydog for taking me out fishinmachine (aka pastdue ) new boat 26ft tompson
  18. do you still have the combos and where are you located would like to see them fishinmachine (bob teachout)
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