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  1. What lengths of 19 strand torpedo wire do you typically run or find to be the most productive? Did you make a switch from copper?
  2. Any update on availability of lightly used Vector riggers?
  3. While researching the Okuma brand, I noted they offer rods designated for use with copper in both the Classic Pro and Convector lines: Classic Pro - 1 Year Warranty - 8'6" - Less Expensive Convector - Lifetime Warranty - 8' or 9' - Over twice the cost of the Classic Pro - heavy duty guides I'm not sure if you can read anything into Okuma's difference in the length of warranty between the two lines, but it's good info to know for those considering a purchase. Mark
  4. Matt, I'd also be interested to hear what brand rods you were using and how the tips broke off. I have 8 new Daiwa Saltist hi speed line counter reels and 2 used Okuma Catalina line counter reels that are in search of new rods. Most of these reels will be running copper so I have been considering the following brands in no particular order: Shimano Talora Copper Okuma Copper Daiwa Heartland Copper If you broke the tips on one of the above models I'd love to hear about it, hopefully before I pull the trigger to purchase several. Thanks~Mark
  5. I live 2 miles down the road from the Richfield Cabelas, actually exit the highway next to Cabelas on my way home from work. My wife was not pleased when Cabelas moved in...
  6. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I didn't pull the trigger fast enough and someone picked them up for a pretty decent price. Apparently used Vectors don't last long once they hit Ebay or Craigslist. I would have jumped on them but didn't know if I should be concerned about the change in company ownership and how it may effect product quality or customer service. Well, at least I have all winter to pick up a pair...
  7. I'm considering purchasing a used pair of Vector Heavy Metal downriggers with 4' booms, swivel bases and 3 rod holders per rigger. Both are mounted on an 8' aluminum bar, included with the riggers. This setup would be mounted on the back of a Lund Tyee 1850. I'm new at this and am working on getting the boat setup for the big pond in 2012. I'd appreciate feedback from owners or users of the Vector Heavy Metal rigger as to how well they worked and if you had any problems. Thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks Frank. I guess the wear isue makes sense. I didn't realize the extent of wear that the releases would have on the copper. That would certainly change my plans and decrease the amount of copper line that I was planning to purchase. Mark
  9. Great and timely post. I recently purchased 8 new Daiwa Saltist STTLW50LCHA HS reels and 2 used Okuma Catalina CT-45D LC reels. I'm considering spooling up all reels with 32# Blood Run Super Copper. Since these are LC reels, budget permitting, is there any reason not to spool up each reel with at least 400' of the 32# Super Copper? Using the LC, I could simply let out the appropriate length of copper for any given situation. It seems this setup would offer far greater flexibility. I see most are using a mono between the copper and the backing. For the backing I was considering using about 150 yds of a 40 or 50 lb superbraid. Any recommendations on the weight and brand of superbraid that you have found to work well? I am also considering the Shimano Talora rods as they appear to be highly recommended for use with copper. Thanks for your suggestions. Mark
  10. Nice looking Lund. What year? I'm in the market for a Lund Tyee 1850 as well. It will need to pull double duty as a fish and ski boat. I can't spend this much money for a dedicated fishing boat, otherwise the only person that will enjoy it is my wife's next husband:) That said, are the rod holder bases set up for quick release? 200hp on an 1850 is a lot of ponies. I thought 175hp was maximum size OB a Tyee 1850 was rated for. What is the top speed with the 200? I want one. Thank ~ Mark
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