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  1. Yes if you can text me some pictures at 518-588-8164. I am almost sure I will take them. I would need them shipped to zip 12546.how would you want to handle payment. Thanks
  2. Has auto stop, ball cradle with dual rod holders, and swivel base. It's in great shape. Not left on the boat when not in use. It was a 3 Rd rigger so it wasn't used a lot. $400 plus shipping. Pair of cannon universal swivel bases $100
  3. 1- 30 degree cannon gimbal mounts $45 OBO plus shipping. text 518-588-8164. Only one available sold 1.
  4. i have a like new 597ci hd di. Everything included ready to instal. Like new never left on the boat. Always stored in a padded case. Internal gps, high definiation, and down imaging. Great for use in bright sunlight. $225 OBO plus shipping. text 518-588-8164
  5. I have had 7 colors with quite a bit backing on 47's before. I am sure you could go 10 colors plus backing. They hold 480 yards of 14 lb. I will send you text.
  6. Nice boat. I had the same one which I just sold last Sept. I ran a single Yamaha though.
  7. F9.9 is 85 lbs the T9.9 115 lbs.
  8. I am thinking of getting a kicker for my 18 ft CC fiberglass boat. I currently have an Yamaha F70. I was looking at a Yamaha T9.9 that my local dealer has for $2975. But he has a new Yamaha F9.9 long shaft that he will let me have for $1700 since it's the last one he has on the floor. Would I be happy with the F9.9 for $1300 less or should I get the T9.9. I don't feel I need the electric start plus if I did I could add it later and I thought maybe the lighter F9.9 mounted on my panther auxilary mount might be better for trailering over the 30 lb plus heavier T9.9. Thanks for any input.
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