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  1. I have had 7 colors with quite a bit backing on 47's before. I am sure you could go 10 colors plus backing. They hold 480 yards of 14 lb. I will send you text.
  2. Nice boat. I had the same one which I just sold last Sept. I ran a single Yamaha though.
  3. Nysrx01

    Kicker motor

    F9.9 is 85 lbs the T9.9 115 lbs.
  4. Nysrx01

    Kicker motor

    I am thinking of getting a kicker for my 18 ft CC fiberglass boat. I currently have an Yamaha F70. I was looking at a Yamaha T9.9 that my local dealer has for $2975. But he has a new Yamaha F9.9 long shaft that he will let me have for $1700 since it's the last one he has on the floor. Would I be happy with the F9.9 for $1300 less or should I get the T9.9. I don't feel I need the electric start plus if I did I could add it later and I thought maybe the lighter F9.9 mounted on my panther auxilary mount might be better for trailering over the 30 lb plus heavier T9.9. Thanks for any input.
  5. I would be interested in 2 maybe 3 of the fish weights shipped to zip 12546. Would 3 fit in a flat rate box. Thanks
  6. Would yo sell the snubbers separate.