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  1. I just put in 1 x 6 oak treated with Napa fiberglass resin and glued it in with 3M 5200, Tough as nails real solid, I had great access underneath so I ran it all the way up to my console on both sides, works great for having a spot to screw my wiring up to also!
  2. Grand rapids is thin on humminbird. everyone is on the I can order what you want program!!!
  3. Oh ya I also spooled two Penn 209's with three colors and 30# BG, what do I need to get a full core going or am I better off with a copper setup to do the same depth?
  4. well so far I have two braid dipseys, 150 yds 30# pp, backing to fill reel until line counter was calibrated reeled on backwards and then put on other reel and matched for second reel. Next two reels done with 5 colors, 1oo ft oncounter of 30# BG, 150 yds 30# pp and ten level winds of 30# BG backer then put on other reel and matched on next reel. So I have 4 reels matched to make repeatable, two dipseys and two cores. Now how do I make a knot with 45# copper that will fit through a 30 reel guide? Use PPro or mono? Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!! Rick
  5. So what will be my best combination of lines on my 30's, I have five to fill, want lead and copper and two dipseys I think?
  6. What can I spool on convector 30, Length of leadcore, and length of copper? How deep will 150 copper run? Thanks for any help!! Going to be asking a lot of questions as I ramp up into big lake fishing!!!!!!!
  7. I am going to be using it for walleye, and just want to try a leadcore presentation and have the 209 laying around. Maybe that will have to be the guest pole so they get to do some reeling:D LOL THANKS TO ALL
  8. Where did you get the premade spool at?
  9. I have a older penn 209 reel, can I use this with lead core? how much would I be able to get on? The reel has no line counter so I hope I can use with lead core for a repeatable presentation Thanks for any info Rick
  10. Good luck with the new boat and welcome back!!
  11. OMG older but funny thread, full contact FISH ON, I jump for sure, Now if My 18 year old 6'8" 220lb son is on board keep ur distance cause he thinks he just snapped the ball, get out of the way!! ROFLMAO good post I never saw
  12. Get on iboats and search their restoration threads, there are epoxy resins u mix and will seal it permentaly, that is what I will be doing next winter when I tear mine apart. Good luck:)
  13. 1.25: schedule 40 over 1", some of my rods I had to shave the rubber ends down a little to fit nicely in the holder
  14. Took a little longer than promised, here are my home made holders
  15. Yes, I run 4 poles on 45 spaced 9" apart, but like i said earlier I can rotate them so I can separate them nicely and adjust how the boards track in the water, and when going to the dock the holders rotate out of the way with the poles in them for docking. I can post a picture tonight if you want
  16. I went with all 45, works good for me, running inlines they run in a nice row, I did make the so they swivel front to back
  17. Just ordered a toughbook and charts going to give it a try, got the tough book used for 189$ no touch screen, so I am willing to bet on it, Thank you to Frank for the information and will post along as I learn the system..
  18. Have you found any issues with the laptop program or just looking to replace ff? Real interested in the laptoop idea, hoping to follow your progress before investing, that is if you dont mind being the guinea pig!!
  19. Thanks for hooking Me up with this site and this thread:D:)
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