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  1. Headed out of port at 6AM with my trusty 1st mate, my dad. Lines in the water by 6:30. Started at 80 FOW due west of the pierhead. Started on a west troll. Hit 120 and the action started. Kept the program simple with 4 rods on 2 riggers. Riggers were set at 60 down with stackers 15 above. Everything came on moonshine lures. by 7 AM had 4 fish in the box. Continued trolling in the 120-130 FOW range. Ended up 7 for 7. 6 kings and 1 brown. Sizes ranged form 3# to 12#.
  2. Nice job Jim..... I'm usually around on the weekends.......
  3. Went out Wednesday evening and had the SAME bad luck as Friday night. Not even a BUMP this time. I'm gettin pretty sick of wasting gas to get out there and come back with NO fish.
  4. Went out with some friends Friday night out of Muskegon. Had lines in the water around 6PM. Set up in the 95 FT area near north nets. Trolled out towards 120. Threw everything in the boat at them, but not much going on. Had one fish that hit a spoon behind 300 copper but got tangled in the dipsey and came unbuttoned. Marked tons of fish in 90-110 FOW but nothing going. Any suggestions on whats going on out there? Hoping to try again Wednesday night.
  5. I did hear all the Bitchin' out there about guys running lead core. It was my WIFE that finally picked up the mike and said......."you know....you guys sound like a bunch of old WOMEN out here bitchin"!
  6. Wife and I headed out for an evening of fishing around 6PM. Had lines in the water around 7 in 80 FOW. The waves were NOT what NOAA predicted as 0-1', was more like 3-4. We worked an area 90-120FOW. Here is what worked in our program of 4 for 4. Coyote Blue Dolphin on 300 copper went twice. Watermelon 70' down on rigger went once Moonshine Flounder Pounder 80' down on rigger went once right after dark. All four fish were kings, biggest being 11# I'm still amazed at the number of boats that close in on me when I'm out all by myself TRYING to stay away from the pack. There is PLENTY of water for everyone to fish guys. SHEESH!
  7. Thanks for the Report Rick. Hoping to get out there Saturday AM. Gimme a shout on the radio.
  8. Went out for an evening trip with wife. Fished around the North nets and out to 160FOW. Nothing went until right at sundown. One small laker that came on 300 copper. Dont remember what lure I had on that. Laker #2 came on rigger 90 down in 120FOW, white paddle with mirage fly. Both lakers were less than 5#. Better than a skunk.
  9. Wife and I tried to get out on the pond Saturday AM. I knew it was not gonna be nice out there when the wind blew all night long from the south. After a half hour of bobbing around in 5-6' waves, wife as green as a lime, I called it and headed back to port. Sounded like most of the charters out of Muskegon did poorly Saturday AM as well.
  10. Rick, I have 2 lead core rigs that I have set up with PENN 209's. Bot are set up with 150 yds of 50# Power Pro backing. One I have 6 colors of lead, the other is set up with 4 colors. The 6-color just BARELY fits.
  11. Nice job on the fish! I run a 33' Flybridge boat and I am CONTINUALLY amazed at the number of 16-17' boats that close in on me from NOWHERE! I have had other boats come so close to me I could spit in their boat from my bridge. One thing these guys should learn, if nothing else, is that TONNAGE RULES. I CANNOT turn my boat on a dime out there to avoid you. Its just like on the highway, if you are driving a compact car, you wouldn't think of cutting in front of a semi truck!
  12. You did way better than I when I was out for an evening trip last night Chris. I had tangled lines and 0 fish!
  13. Wife and I headed out for an evening fishing trip last night. Headed out near the north nets in 115 FOW. Had nothing going until about an hour before dark. Had a whopper on that hit a big white paddle with Mirage fly that was 80 down on the rigger. Stipped line for about 5 minutes, got tangled in the other lines and came un-buttoned. An hour later we had exactly the same scenario. Was a gorgeous night for a boat ride even tho we ended 0 for 2.
  14. Nice job Chris! Thanks for the info. I think the wife and I are going to head out and give it a try tonight.
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