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  1. Really cool Ice Circles This is an ice circle and it is entirely natural and quite rare. It formed over the weekend on the Sheyenne River about ten miles southwest of Leonard, ND. It is the result of an eddy in the slowly moving river. As the river began to freeze, the eddy froze as a perfect circle. Ice circles are rare because it requires just the right conditions. The river must be at the point of freezing. An eddy must be present. And the current must be slow. If the water is too fast, there is too much turbulence and the eddy is disrupted. If the eddy swirls too slowly, the river just freezes over without the circle.The movies were made by George Loegering of Casselton, ND.John Wheeler Posted By Capt. Matt Sell of Hot Bite Charters
  2. Everyone I talked to on Sat struggled ( we went 0 for 1 ). Sun We got 1 king on a wire blue bubble spinny at 130, then picked up a laker on the same, another laker on 5 color double orange crush. 3 for 4, Worst luck that I have ever had salmon fishing It was beautiful out though:thumb:
  3. http://www.warriorlures.com/FishingSpoonDisplay.aspx?ID=234 Green frog and blueberry muffin hot glows have been staples in my box for many years !
  4. Got some info from jason Pelz and there was a hot bite going east. We trailers on down.by the time I got there everyone was headed to the buoy. So we were all by ourselves. We lost both big ones we had hooked up right at the boat (of course) pulled 25 today by 2 o'clock. Two ounce inlines 40 - 70 back. At 1.4 mph. Britney pox from warrior lures on almost every rod. Silver gold and copper back. #5 and 6 colorados.
  5. Still stacking the walleye like Cord wood! Warrior lures Britney pox has come to the fore front in a huge way the last two days.
  6. Waited until 9 to launch this morning to make sure the storms were by us. Fished in by green island. Pulled a dozen little ones on the first pass. Picked up 4 more then the storms came. Big papa grape ape, Kelly's crusher, and grape ape were all even catching today.
  7. Worked a little harder today for our 18 fish Big Papa's sport fishing products anti ape and grape ape are still being our top producers cyst between 45 and 50 back at 1.1 to 1.3 miles per hour we are fishing Ohio Island area
  8. Worked a little harder for our 18 today. Big papa sportfishing's custom Colorado blades continue to be our top producers. Anti ape and grape ape (the monkey brothers?) Fished 45 to 50 back on one ounce inline. We are fishing the islands area in ohio.speed 1.1 to 1.3 Timeline Photos Pulled our three man limit in one pass this morning. One ounce 40 to 50 back speed 1.3. Big papa anti ape and grape ape were hot. Also caught a few on Kelly's crusher
  9. Pulled our three man limit in one pass this morning. One ounce 40 to 50 back speed 1.3. Big papa anti ape and grape ape were hot. Also caught a few on Kelly's crusher
  10. I have been going out of the Turtle Creek area. Magees East campground. Lots of fish from West Sister to the islands. I have been trolling worm harnesses but most guys are pulling spoons or tots,warts, deep little rippers. You can go fish West Sister from Michigan it is just a farther ride. P.m me if you need some waypoints
  11. Fished off of A. 4 man limit. Lots of junk to work through. Warrior Lures purple crusher and purple huckleberry, Big Papa anti ape #6 colorados were the tickets. 1.3 25 back with a 1oz.
  12. We had a couple of cancellations and schedule changes. So Hot Bite Charters is offering a special deal for any trip in between 25 and 29 of May. We will be trolling for walleye out of Sterling State Park, Monroe Mi. $300 bucks will get you out with up to 3 people. This is prime time for this area and should be GREAT fishing ! First come first served !! HotBiteCharter.com or 734 589 0039
  13. The Makowski boys do it two days in a row ! 20 fish by noon ! 30 FOW blue ice finn-s with a FoMoCo jig and Brown worm/yellow jig did the damage. No mothers were hurt during the filming of this episode
  14. Another 20 + fish morning before noon. Lots of smaller fish to work through. Just about ready to start trolling
  15. 386 total so far. Dang tooth extraction screwed up my numbers
  16. After the water got too clear on our side ( and struggling yesterday) We headed over to see the Queen on Cinco De Mayo. Oh boy was that a good choice!!! 3 of us boated 35 walleye before noon ! Yellow jig / black worm and Yellow jig / Brown worm were the ticket.
  17. I am on the river the rest of the week. I go back to work for a couple weeks( just fish weekends) Then I will be down to the Lake Memorial day until the weekend after ( staying at Sterling)
  18. A little bit breezy today. We still managed to land 32 keeper walleye ( biggest was 7 lbs) All on yellow jig and black Wyandotte Worm ( only because that is all we used
  19. I forgot about you Sniffer. Lets see how the weather ruins my schedule
  20. Went quickly in the morning then we picked away at our 4 man limit. It took the whole entire 7hrs but we caught 21 in the heavy wind and boat traffic. Mid to upper river with yellow jig and black , brown and camo Wyandotte worms.
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