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  1. Tasty eats Frank! Get the hot oil going. Good job.
  2. Nicely done Mike! I hope to be able to go more this season too. Don't catch 'em all Mike. Leave some for Frank. Off to work this morning.
  3. Check your PM's Frank. Didn't get home until late last night. Had a meeting in Gaylord. Sorry I missed the call Big Guy. I have to work once in awhile.
  4. Hmmm? My phone never rang? Nice job my friend.
  5. Thanks for a great day with you Big Guy! Let me know if one day this next week you're headed out again.
  6. Someone I know went up Saturday and said there were only 2 picnic tables at the Captains tent? Maybe 15 boats?? Sound about right? That's not many boats. Nice prizes!! Cool festival and promoted to far away from Alpena either. I can go downstate and nobody has heard of it, for the most part. You don't have any of the winners names?
  7. I tell ya what Ralph...any longer without walleye fishing and I will be attending Walleye Anonymous meetings. The guys on MS seem to be out for me for some darn reason. I don't even know the ones ragging on me. That bothers me more!! Ralph: You can drop some walleye fillets up here too buddy! Will trade for my hot wings!! PM me and Frank and I will give ya directions. (when you're not fishing) Nice fish Ralph!!
  8. Well? Anyone been out lately? I had heard they were still getting walleye in shallower water than usual for this time of year.
  9. I found you hiding over here. Wished I had gotten a call to go along. I enjoy watching the kids have a great time. Maybe next year when I have some funds for fuel. Love our economy. Anyone need a "rider" while Frank is down...let me know please. You need any help around the house while you're down, call me Frank.
  10. I fished a lake near me recently for walleye. I was told to run the 1/4 oz. Hot-N-Tot back 50 ft., clip on a 2oz. snap weight and then another 30 ft. for a total of 80 ft. on the line counter. How deep do you think that was?? 40 ft. down?? NO...I do not have the trolling bible. Heading back to this lake tonight (8/17/2010) and wanted to know. Thanks Guys! PM me if ya wish to.
  11. I hope it was cooler out there than on shore. [email protected]! Beats watching TV. Sounds like it's better off Harrisville and Black River than Da Bay. Good job though Mr. Frank.
  12. I was wondering if you were still out fishing. Hadn't heard from you for about 10 days or so. Were you fishing where we had left off the last time? Good job buddy.
  13. Hey!! What about me? Don't I get an "atta boy" too? Just jokin' guys. That small mouth must have jumped almost 4 feet in the air...BB and all!! Good time with good people.
  14. Hey Frank...I read of a limit of eyes in 25fow off Au Gres?? Hmm? Looks a little bumpy for a Monday run. How about Tuesday Mr. J?
  15. Not bad buddy. Tasty eats. If I can afford it, I need to get back out and put some in the freezer for after a night of bow hunting!!
  16. Hey Mr. Frank!! I found my way back over here to GLF! Hope your power is back on buddy. Nice job in tougher than usual conditions this season. Where to look for the walleye now? In close or out by the Charities?? Think you can launch at the new ramps in Tawas?? Head to Alabaster waters?? Try spoons instead of meat? Hmmm?
  17. When I get back from doing the magazine Frank let's get old Jack out. Let's just take his boat. Need walleye in the freezer and on my plate. Did VERY well on the ice so now it's time for walleye!
  18. Glad you enjoyed them. Try using this recipe on thighs and legs also.
  19. Well??? Did any of you try making these yet?? Oh well...I'm off to go ice fishing today. Fried up bluegills with au gratin taters for dinner!!:no:grin:
  20. Geez guys! It's just a cutting board. PM me your addresses and maybe I'll send you Boys one. Hopefully we can fillet some fish on mine and Jeffs cutting boards later today. We're heading to go punch our first holes today on a small inland lake for some gills and whatever.
  21. Alright, alright already. Here's the recipe for getting Hooters. Lots of $$ Oh, The hot wing recipe. Ok. Head to the store and find some McCormick Bbq spice. Get 2 jars. You'll need it. Sam's Club, Costco, and GFS carry 5 lb. bags of "raw" wings. Get one bag. I prefer the jumbo wings. Pour the Bbq spice into a small bowl and add a tablespoon of granulated garlic and some cracked black pepper and sea salt to taste. Mix together and replace the spice into the container. The jar is a shaker type. Pre-heat the oven to 410 degrees. Take aluminum foil and line a cookie sheet with it(easier to clean when done). Spray the foil with some non-stick spray. Rinse the wings and arrange them on the cookie sheet. Sprinkle LIBERALLY with the seasoning on the side facing up (duh). Bake for about 25-30 minutes. Turn them over and sprinkle the wings again liberally with the spice. Bake an additional 15-17 minutes. Remove and place them in a good sized stainless bowl. Please use a charcoal grill for these and no lighter fluid.They won't be the same without one. Kingsford Hickory charcoal is all I use. Soak a small amount of your favorite smoking wood to use on the charcoal. Get the grill going. Arrange some of your wood pieces on the outer edges of the charcoal. Place the wings on the grill. They will cook fast so don't leave them alone too long to go get your beer. In the bowl they came out of, melt over low heat 2-3 tablespoons of butter slowly. Squeeze in the juice of a half of a fresh lime. Once the butter has melted slowly pour in about 4oz. of Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce.(The less Frank's you use the milder...the more you use the hotter...) Blend together and get your butt back out to the grill and turn the wings one more time. Stay with 'em. Take the wings off the grill and place them into the bowl of sauce. Take the bowl and toss the wings around in the sauce mixture. Final thing is take the other half of the lime and squeeze it over the wings and toss them around one more time. It seems complicated, but it's not. AWFULLY TASTY wings!! I've grabbed a rod before onboard Priority1 while having a wing hanging out my mouth! Try these with bleu cheese dressing or ranch. Heck...I like 'em just the way they are! These are actually quite good cold. By baking them first you have cooked away most of the fat. Let me know how they are guys.
  22. Hey Adam! Where is the website for this contraption?? I have trouble attaching any aftermarket toys to my Polaris. The racks are not tube style like all the other brands. Do you think it would mount onto a Polaris?? Good luck on 'da bay this winter. If you have room on a trip and don't mind I'd like to tag along. Learn a few things. Priority1 will vouch I can catch walleye and learn fast. Franks way or the Highway! Just kiddin' Frank.
  23. A buddy and I went by 8000 acre Hubbard Lake yesterday. Drove by the south end and as far as you could see there were only 4 shanties!! One person way over on the southwest side heading in on a 4 wheeler. Ice looks funny! Side Door Bait and Tackle said they "were" getting walleye in 17 fow out from the south end. Not much on perch though.... Actually seemed like an honest report from the Old guy runnin' the place. North end still had some open water. This weekends temps won't help the ice!!
  24. Anyone doing anything at all?? I haven't even punched a hole yet this winter. Looking to get some gills or perch. Let me know.
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