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  1. Went out with my wife, my friend and his wife last night going 2 for 4. We started setting lines at about 7:00 in 80 ft and worked our way out to 120. After not getting any hits we started heading back to 100 and got our first bite on a downrigger 50 down with a green flasher and fly. That one was lost after a short fight. Then we got another hit on the other downrigger set at 60 with a NBK. I was messing with a tangled line when that one went and by the time I set the poles down it was gone. :(

    Shortly after the sun went down my wife got her first fish ever on the big lake - (15 lb king) on a dipsey set at 2 150ft out with a Blue Chilly Willy. It was a lot of fun watching her reel it in. It dragged out another 50 ft or so of line and after a couple minutes she sad she was tired. I then pointed out to her the large fish thrashing at the surface way behind the boat and laughed saying she had a ways to go. After some coaching and encouragement we got it in the boat. I think I have begun to justify (to her) the thousands of dollars put into the boat, equipment, slip, etc. She was thrilled. :)

    We finished the night with my friend's wife getting a 4 lb laker that we released. This was caught on the same setup that got the king.

    It was a great night out on the water


  2. Fished from 5:30 to 9:30 pm with my dad and brother, going 1 for 2. We started at 75ft out to 100 ft marking next to nothing. We then headed back and started marking fish inside 70 ft of water. At about 62ft my dad got to reel in his first king of the year, a nice 16 pounder. :D That was on a dipsey set at 2, 100ft back with a Blue Chilly Willy. The only other action was on the downrigger with a coyote pearl paddle and mirage fly 55 ft down in 60 ft of water. My brother fought it for about 20 seconds and then everything was gone - fish, fly, and flasher. Not sure what happened on that one, maybe the line was frayed and I didn't notice.:(

    It was a great night to be out there, wish we had more action but I was very happy to see my dad bring in a big one.


  3. I took my brother, his wife, and his son out Monday afternoon from 3-7 and we finished 3 for 3. We fished from 50 to 80 feet and caught all three around 50 ft. Got a nice steelhead on a Carmel Dolphin dipsey set at 2, 50 back. We then got a little king on a downrigger 40 down with a mag Blue Chilly Willy. The last fish was a Brown Trout ;) on a Gold Stinger with orange tip 33 ft down.


  4. I took my brother who is visiting from Texas for our first trip of the year- going 5 for 6. We fished from 5:30 pm to about 9:30pm. We setup around 70 ft heading north into the wind and 4-5 footers. After a wave went over the bow on my 21ft boat we decided it was best to go south with the waves :eek: With a much easier ride we had our first hit on the downrigger with a mag Blue Dolphin 10 ft down 70 back in about 50 ft of water. It seemed like a decent fish, but after 20 seconds or so it ran at us and we lost it.

    We stayed in the 45 foot to 52 foot range the rest of the night and ran along the mud line for most of the trip.

    Around 7pm we got a double on a dipsey and a 3 color. The dipsey got a laker with a Carmel dolphin and was set at 2 with about 50 ft out. The 3 color got a king on a Northport Nailer glow dolphin. Both fish were around 4 or 5 lbs.

    About 20 minutes later we got another king on the dipsey with the Carmel dolphin this one was about 9lbs. At about 8pm we turned it around and headed back into the wind to make it back to the piers. Just after the sunset I started to pull the lines and when i popped the downrigger there was a fat stubby laker on the mag Blue Dolphin. It actually gave a decent fight and as soon we got it in the net, our other dipsey started peeling line. This one was set at 2 with 50ft out and had a Blue Chilly Willy on. This one was a king, probably around 14 lbs and made my brother miss living in Michigan even more.

    We both had a great time and considering the time of year and waves out there, it was much more than I expected.


  5. I took my dad out on my 14 footer Thursday evening. We went 2 for 5 with an 8lb laker and 14lb king both on dipsey (set at 1, 210ft back) with yellow-Mountain dew? spin doctor and fly. We lost one big laker at the boat when there were some netminder issues. :o The missed fish all hit on a dipsey with a blue spin doctor and blue bubble fly set at 1, 220ft back. Had a rod out with 8 colors and blue dolphin spoon, its only action being getting tangled with the king.

    Fished from 6:15 to 8:30 heading soutwest and all of the action for us was between 72-78 fow.

    This was the best trip for me this year on my little puddle jumper and the first time my dad and I caught a fish together out on the big lake.



  6. Thinking of trying a combo trip to Saugatuck Monday. Perch/salmon. Is there a bait shop near there that is open like 6 AM that would have minnows? Any info and directions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Duane

    I am pretty sure that Dunesview party store/gas station is open at 6 and they should have minnows. They are right off the exit from the freeway across the street from the Shell station.

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