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  1. Got lines set around 7 and fished till about 10:30. We went 6 for 9 all hits coming in 130-140 fow, 5 kings 1 coho hitchiker. The ET spoon took 4 of the fish and also had a miss, it was at 55 down on the downrigger. Green Moonshine Flounder Pounder took one and missed one on the other downrigger 60 down. Missed 1 on a blue bubble fly and blue spin doctor 130 back on the dipsey. Caught one on a 300 super copper with a Moonshine Happi Meal spoon.

    The biggest Kings were 16 and 19 lbs. Still hoping to break that 20lb mark this year!



  2. Last night I went out of Saugatuck. Fished south of piers from 140-150 and went 6 for 6. Two lakers and 4 kings. Biggest king was 15 lbs. Riggers 50 and 60 down with green UV Silverstreak spoon and Moonshine with only an eye worked. Dipsies got no hits and we got a few on 200 and 300 copper with Moonshine Mongolian Beef and Moonshine Yellow Submarine.

    Fish came on north and south troll.

  3. Fished south of the piers from 85 to 105 fow going 4 for 6. Got 2 steelhead around 7 or 8lbs and one steelhead at about 11lbs. The steelhead came on 200 and 300 super copper with Moonshine Magnolian Beef and Yellow Submarine spoons. Also got a fat laker on a blood run uv spindoctor and frosted willie fly on the dipsey. Lost a king on a Moonshine flounder pounder on downrigger 60 down. Had a release on Mountain dew spin doctor fly combo.

    Nice day to be out hopefully tomorrow will be as good.

  4. Fished from 7:00 until 9:45 with my wife, 2 sons, my mom and her boyfriend. We were between 92 and 118 fow south of the piers. It was very slow for the first hour and a half and I was considering pulling lines because of the flies. After a rigger popped with nothing there, I decided to hold out until after sunset. We ended up going 2 for 8 and landing 1 out of 3 on a triple right at sunset. :(

    Green Moonshine flounder pounder went twice on the downrigger 55 down. Mountain dew spin doctor and pickled sunshine went twice at 115 on the dipsey, landed one and lost another after a couple minute fight. Blue spindoctor and blue bubble fly took one and missed one on dipsey 150 back.

    Missed one on 200 copper with an orange flounder pounder. The 9 color with a UV sprint car had one for a bit but came off when the board was being removed.

    It was a nice calm night to be out with the family. I wish my oldest son (almost 4 yrs) would have been awake for all of the action but we still have all summer.

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