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  1. Went out with 2 friends from work and went 4 for 5 between 7:45 and 10:45. We went south of the piers and only had hits when heading south or southwest between 95 and 110 fow.

    Moonshine Flounder Pounder 50 down on downrigger took 3, and ET on swr 35 down took 1. I had a nice king on the dipsey 150 back with a blue spin doctor and blue bubble fly. It came to the top and then got into the copper and came off.

    Great day on the water and it was nice to get into a few fish.

  2. Great job. was this the shake down for the new boat? If so' date=' that is awesome. I'd say it works just fine.[/quote']


    Mark- It was my 3rd trip. I went out on Memorial day for the shakedown and went 4 for 7 with my Dad and a friend. So far it fishes pretty well and the kids and the wife love the cabin and extra space.

    I am hoping to get an autopilot next season.

  3. Took my wife out on our first fishing trip together on our "new" to us boat. We had a late start and set lines at about 9:30. We trolled south of the piers between 80 and 95 foot of water. We found a ball of baitfish, marked it on the graph and kept going around that waypoint. We caught 7 kings and pulled lines at noon. My wife had 2 on the swr rig that fought for about 15 minutes each, skimming across the top, jumping and pulling out lots of line. They seemed pretty ornery on that setup.

    What worked - downrigger 50 down with Moonshine Flounder pounder Green took 2. A UV silverstreak, can't remember the name took 1 on the 200 copper. And an ET Stinger Nitro took 4 on the swr. (Thanks to Aaron at Lakeshore Outfitters for recommending that one)

    It was a great day to be out and I was happy that we got to catch some fish too.




  4. Went out with my dad in my 14 footer for the first time of the year. After many technical difficulties, we made it out to the big lake at 12. We fished till about 2pm, going 2 for 3. Red and black squiggles thin fish had all the bites. Looked like the guys on the pier were really nailing the cohos.

    <a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://img170.imagevenue.com/loc537/th_170265762_100_4155_122_537lo.JPG' alt='th_170265762_100_4155_122_537lo.JPG'> th_702677120_100_4156_122_82lo.JPG

  5. I went out on my buddies boat in St Joe and we went 15 for 25 in a little over 2 hours. We traveled south of the piers a bit and set up heading south to just past the A-frame houses. We ran 4 lines. Both downriggers had a red and black squiggles Thin Fish which caught about 10 of the cohos. On the planers a couple came on a rainbow colored Hot n Tot and a few on a copper Thin Fish. We zig zagged between 12-20 ft the whole trip.

    It was great to get out again after a long winter.

  6. Went out with my dad this morning and went 1 for 4. Missed 2 on the downrigger 40 down with a greasy chicken spoon. Missed one on the five color with a watermelon spoon. Caught and released a laker on a 3 color with a Silver Streak jr Frankenberry spoon. Nice chilly day on the water, the lake was pretty flat. I think this is probably my last trip of the year.

    Thanks to everyone on the board for their tips and encouragement, this is a great site. :)

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