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  1. i know you said that you wanted to shorten the trip BUT..... i think it would be well worth your time/gas to keep coming south! i have fished these southern ports for coho for a long time. st. joe is the last southern port to get good, you should look at mich. city, burns ditch or new buffalo. we can keep 5 coho in IN so bring your friends cause when its good we usually have 4-6 limits in two or three hours! my buddy and i fish a lot out of mich city, it takes us 50min to get there and we are usually in the truck longer than in the boat. if you have any questions give me a shout i'll point you in the right direction. we are going fri. 3/9 to cast from the wall at the port of indiana. p.s. the launches are starting to open up and the lake is WIDE open!!!
  2. how many of you guys ice fish? how many have ice to fish on and where!! i am going crazy with no ice that is safe!
  3. Hey guys i just want you to know the ice should be here soon, because we are getting the boat out in the morning. from what i here the brown and coho bite has been hot in indiana! will let you guys know what happens, we might try for some perch as well!
  4. here is my humble opinion: "I would rather have ONE Tekota 600lc than TWO of ANY other reel!" just my thoughts...you really cant go wrong with a Tekota, you will be mad if you get a reel with another drag, especially with wire.
  5. try decoyrigs.com , those clips are common in duck hunting.
  6. hey nick/mike, what do you guys think of doing some sort of online auction? i do not have a lot of money but i have a ton of trolling flies i can donate to some sort of auction. i will send as much money asi can afford as soon as i set my budget for Jan. i may also be able to work out a waterfowl hunt for the 07 season here in Indiana.
  7. there is a vest made by another company that calls it the "hunter safety system" you can try to "google" it. also if you have a local meijer store you can check there, ours had them in stock this season!
  8. i agree 100% !! better late than never i guess.
  9. am i the only one dreaming of standin/sitting or a hole in the ice? i am in northern IN, i saw a few farm ponds were glazed today but not sure how thick. has anybody checked the ice in MI? i you have ice I WILL TRAVEL!
  10. this year was my second year bow hunting, i saw lots of bucks with a few of them being bigger than the one i shot! never had a shot that i felt comfortable taking, always a limb/ thicket etc. in the way. bow hunting is an awsome challenge i just need to get everything to line up so i can shoot one. nothing like a 14pt. with a 22-24" spread at 9yards and not have a shot LOL! made my heart pump though!
  11. i shot my first buck this year! i shot an 8pt that went #166 with a 19 3/4" spread and scored 138 3/8 green before deductions. i have been trying to post pictures but cant seem to get them into the format to upload to the site. maybe i can email them to someone who knows how to do it? if not i will see if my girlfriend knows how. this is my 4th year hunting and have shot does every year but this is my first buck. i used to hate deer hunting but i must say its growing on me, but my true passion is waterfowl hunting!
  12. i use about 4 pounds of fat per 10 pounds of meat. also you can mix a little and fry it up in a mini burger to see if you want more or less, this makes the grinding a little more fun and you get to EAT!
  13. hey glf we fish the mich. city st joe and ludington tourneys. you dont want to miss the ludington tourament, it is truly an awesome tourament. p.s. there are a couple tournaments before the coho classic in mich. city, one of them is the michiana steelheaders "Buffalo Bill" tournament two weeks before the classic this is also a great tourney and usually is good fishing!
  14. ok guys, i live in indiana.we have a dove season and it is great! the doves are not only challenging but the are flat out awesome table fare! you guys have great reasons for your YES votes, but dont knock it till you try it is all i can say. i have a strong biological back ground that i can not really talk out on here but i can tell you that you can not "stock pile" doves, this means that hunting or not you will have the same number of doves when looking at the big picture. i am a bird lover too but hunting is hunting and thats who i am and what i stand for! i am sure most people dont shoot deer because they hate them. just my humble opinion. P.S. feel free the look back at the "what do you do for a living post"
  15. no clips on indiana's skamanias. we stopped i think 6 years ago.
  16. tuna is really good! P.S. i do not know him personally but i have seen what he can do to a reel that seems shot.
  17. i had that problem a month ago, i love the fact that nothing is their fault!
  18. anybody use the good old camera flash the uses AA batteries? thats what we use and it seems to do a better job than the spot light.
  19. that vhs is always there and has been, however the fish have to be very stressed from something else i.e. quick temp changes, turbidity etc. It something to watch but not to get too worked up about.
  20. i work at a trout/salmon hatchery in IN!
  21. i just got 1144 i am pumped baby!
  22. I work with trout and salmon on a daily basis and have nothing about great lakes salmon spawning three years old. A sure way to know you have a four yr old is when you can tell a male/female for sure ie: male with a pronounced hook jaw.
  23. I love the fact that all of the Joe Blows think they are biologists.
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