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  1. I tend to agree with Jim, I like the metallic colors. I also like to match the divers to the flasher/fly combos to let them work as one unit. Last summer we ran chrome on one side and metallic green on the other. Paired the green diver with a green spinny and green fly, but the chrome diver took fish with the same set up. For some reason I think the chrome goes with just about anything, on a sunny day you can see that chrome flashing quite a ways down.

  2. Set lines at 10:30 a.m. at the pier heads, not a tap until we reached the A frames about 12:30. Went 4-5 total, 4 coho, did not see number 5, better fish though, came unbuttoned about 50 foot behind the boat. Decided to call it a day and make the long greuling trip back at about 2:30. Bumby ride to say the least! 4 to 5 footers with the occasional 8 mixed in for good measures. Fish were as follows:

    1- Dipsy 20' out on 3 setting with an orange Rapala X-rap.

    2- Brad's Thin Fish orange/black 100' behind inline board.

    3- Brad's Thin Fish orange/black 100' behind inline board.

    4- Dipsy 20' out on 3 setting with a "00" dodger with blue and green peanut.

    The one we lost was on the Thin Fish 100' behind the inline board.

    All fish came in 18-25 fow

  3. Does anyone know depths for the 3 and 4 oz. Dive Bombs? We have a Convector 45 spooled with 300' of 30# copper, looking to get it deeper for summer. Is it okay to attach a dive bomb to copper? Ive heard some folks say that they do this. If so how far in front of the leader do you put it?

    I have also talked to guys putting Dive Bombs on lead to get deeper. Is this a good idea?

  4. Thanks to all of you. I have decided to go with the Big Jons. I found them at D and R Sports in Kalamazoo. I like the fact that I can mount them without a rail system, directly to the gunwales. We fish an 18' Lund and usually only run 1 Dipsy per side. The Tite-Loks work okay for pulling lead and copper on boards so I will keep them.

    Also Jim at D and R told me today that the new Tite-Loks come with a disclaimer that warns against putting Dipsy rods in their holders. I did not personally see the disclaimer.

    The holders I bought are just like the ones in Ken's picture and were cheaper than ordering online and paying shipping. I really like the Bert's but the extra $20 persuaded me that I can stand to hang over the boat to get the rods out.

    Thanks again, you all have had good sugestions. And yes Jim I did look at the Ram rod holders, just didn't think they would hold up to the Walker Deeper Divers on wire. I am sure they work just fine though.

  5. I like the Off Shore boards, they seem to track better for me with full cores. I don't like my boards to release so I use rubber bands to secure them in rough water. When you reel the boards in keep your rod pointed at the board and low to keep the board from diving, and when the boord is about a rods length away lift up and the board swings right into the boat, then just snap off the rubber bands or unclip the line from the release. Using rubber bands on my boards has saved me alot of money in lost boards. If you loose one in rough seas good luck getting it back!

  6. Hello everyone. I have been fishing Lake Michigan, mostly Saugatuck, South Haven and St. Joe, for 6 years now with "okay" success. We also make occasional weekend trips to Lake Erie. We currently fish with an 18 ft. Lund fisherman so we really have to keep an eye on lake conditions, and choose our days wisely. I hope this site helps us key in on hot bites and bad weather. (Bad weather for an 18 ft. aluminum boat that is.) I am looking forward to any suggestions for improving my catch.

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