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  1. Join in one of the tournament trail events and you can see that Mark and Rita are some of the nicest competitors on the tt. They were the 333 champions last year. Not only is it a beautiful boat, it catches ALOT of fish! And by the way don't pass up Rita's cookies, they are awesome!

  2. What are you best producing spring coho and brown lures and on what?

    Last year our best were as follows:

    Boards- Rapala X-raps in orange, and of course Brad's Thin Fish in Red Tiger

    Dipsies- Small chorome Lure Jensen dodger and purple peanut, and small Stinger Sidekick with purple and black peanut

    Riggers- Northport Nailers in any orange/green combo, and Stinger Coyotes

    2008, as I recall, most of our coho came on boards running mono. Jointed Rapalas, Brad's Thin Fish, Junior Thundersticks and X-raps took most of the fish. The Thin Fish definately out-produced everything else though that year! Brown's on floating Rapalas in rainbow trout and gold/black.

  3. go with the Walker Deeper Divers in 124mm. Easy to find and no farting around with rings. They run awesome off of wire and are super easy to adjust. Only problem is the paint wears off of them, but the fish don't seem to mind. Sometimes I think they enjoy the beat up look! The Grand Rapids show is amazing for big lake trolling gear. Great deals, too. Bring your wallet or better yet a line of credit, because you won't believe the deals. Most of the vendors are willing to wheel and deal also. 2 years ago we bought 2 Talora leadcore/wire rods for $60!

  4. I believe there may be something to that theory. This summer we were trolling into a strong current at about 1.2 sog, 2.4 down speed, and could not get anything to go. We were passed by a boat going the same direction, so obviously he was trolling faster. He boated 2 fish right next to us. We sped up to match his speed and started banging king's also. Of course most of your baits are speed sensitive. On this particular day we were running mostly clean spoons (stingers), and spinny's on the low divers. I like the stinger spoons because they don't seem to want to foul at most any speed.

  5. Keith was old and slow this morning also. The 450 foot of copper basket weave was my fault. I did not notice the dipsy on my side was tripped and proceeded to wrapped 450 feet of copper around it. Oops. Nice catch on the diver though Dan, 300 foot of copper, a board and spinny/fly combo. Decent trade for the 2 fish we lost! I also made the ultimate mistake: I put the dipsy set on 1 1/2 for my side on Dan's side, bad thing was we didn't notice until the starboard and port low divers mated. How they stayed out of the riggers is beyond me. Lots of fun though, thanks you guys for getting me out of the house on my anniversary. Best gift I could've given my wife!

  6. looks likes you're picking up the thermocline on #2 and #3 at about 35-39 ft. We've been marking it there also the last couple weeks. #1 looks like clutter, #2 looks like baitfish or something a little larger, depends on the size and how spread out the baitfish are, and #3 looks like you are marking fish. Keep a good eye on those large marks, we have caught fish the last two times out by dropping rigger baits right on the marks and slowing the boat way down. Man is that fun!

  7. rubber bands. you'll have to reel in the board with the fish, keep your rod low until the board is about a rods length away from the boat. half hitch the rubber band around your line then around the planer board release. when you get the board in, pull on the line and the rubber band will snap. used this method for two years before we got church walleye boards and flipped the releases around. never lost a board, and at over $20 apiece it is worth the extra time putting a rubber band on it.

  8. Big water and slow fishing were the theme for the morning. But because of the hard working crew aboard the Manistee Mama we managed to boat 4 out of 5 fish. One 20+ lb king, one 19 lb king, one 9 lb. steelie and a shaker, that despite some CPR efforts, had to go in the box. Green spinnys and green NK spoons took the fish on riggers, high diver, wire diver, and 150 copper.

    Thank you to Capt. Ellis and first mate Lynn for sticking it out on the shelf in some super sloppy conditions.





    sorry about the small pics, they wer taken with a cell phone.

  9. chrome and green, chrome on the starboard side, green on the port side. The only reason we run more than one color is to keep the correct one on the correct side. If I remember right we've caught the same amount of fish on both. use to run watermelon and firetiger in Dipsy Divers, no reason for that either. Now we run Walker Deeper Divers, not having to fool around with the rings is awesome. Oh yeah, most of the paint has come off of both divers and the fish still don't seem to care.

  10. let out you super line or wire slow, slow, slow. Then like JIM said after the weight contacts bottom, reel up and let it bounce bottom again, then you can set your depth. Can't tell you how much line to put out at what depth as current, trolling speed, lure, weight of line, weight of lead, etc.. all factor in.

  11. Set lines at 7:30 in 100 fow about 5 miles north of the pier worked out to 130 then back in to 90, both north and south trolls worked, off the water at 11:30. Went 5 for seven. 3 nice kings, 11-18 lbs., one steelhead and one laker. here's how it went:

    1. 11 lb. king on half core, stinger coyote

    2. 18 lb. king on wire dipsy, geen spinny and green strong fly

    3. Steelhead on 300 ft. copper, DW glow easter egg.

    4. Lost ? on full core, stinger monkeyshine

    5. Lost ? on half core, stinger coyote

    6. Laker on full core, stinger monkeyshine.

    7. 15 lb. king on 300 ft. copper, DW glow easter egg.

    Sorry no pics, try to get them up in the next couple days.

  12. Okay this is not about lead balls, but now that I have your attention.

    There is new legislation to ban the sale of, and parts for children's ATVs and dirtbikes.

    I know that the law was enacted because of the presence of lead in parts for these vehicles, but think about taking your kid fishing and dropping that 2 pound lead ball down the chute. Do you handle it? Does he/she handle it? Do you touch them after you have handled it? Is there lead on your boat? The answer is yes! Not only is it in your tackle, it's in your motor, outdrive, steering, trolling motors.....

    Anyways back to the point. This is just another law meant to take away our freedom and our children's freedom, the government trying to save us from ourselves. What will be the next ban, BB guns?

    Protect our freedom to ride, hunt and fish. Email your representatives.

    It is best to start with your state representative. the easiest way to find yours is to search "state of...". On your state's web site there should be a search committed to find the representative for your distict.

    Please help to repeal this awful law that is destined to ruin family fun and put hardworking Americans out of work.(Like we need more of that, especially in Michigan).

    This is a federal law, it applies to all of you!

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