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  1. i run 300' of copper with a 2 foot section of 45lb mono in the middle. all four of my coppers can run as 300' or 150' setups. have not had any issues with the segment breaking. i also have always attached my boards right to my leadcore and never had an issue with it. All my leadcores have 10 colors on them and i run what ever amount of colors i want. allows more possibilities with just 8 rods. I like to keep things simple. I will continue to do this and have half the number of rods others need until this causes me problems. I also prefer 45lb mono for backing on my leadcores and coppers. I understand all this goes against what almost everyone believes, but it works for me.
  2. does anyone have or have experience with trailers for boats larger then 30 feet with twin inboards and 15000+ lbs capacity? The only ones I have found are equipped with hydraulics and are considerably expensive or are 48+ feet long semi trailers. I'm looking for something that the boat can be dropped on with a travel lift and only driven a couple miles each year.
  3. thats all i use. their price isn't that friendly but once you use them you will realize their are worth it. i have them on my big bird boards and other captains by me have reto fitted them onto their church walleye boards.
  4. caledonia, wisconsin. just nort of the city of racine.
  5. all yellow bird boards. regular on standard boards, the big bird boards with offshore snapper releases (or-18) for leadcore and copper. yellow birds, both big and small, can be adjusted as to how far outside they will run and the snapper releases have never given me trouble. other guys around me have switched to the snapper releases on their church walleye boards.
  6. Fishing has been good out deep out of Racine. Fished 300-320 fow saturday and sunday. 10 for 13ish on saturday 6am to 11am trip. 12 for 15ish on sunday 9am to 2pm trip. Mixed bag of cohos, kings, lakers and rainbows. Some small fish but mostly nice fish. Copper, leadcore, downriggers and dipsys working. Green worked the best in anything from spoons, flasher and flys, to meat rigs. Tons of fish marking. capt josh keeran proposition fishing charters racine, wisconsin Captain Josh Keeran
  7. i have a jrc color radar/gps/chartplotter and love it, especially for the price. i would assume the unit you are asking about would have similar gps/plotter features. the quality and resolution of my jrc unit isn't quite as good as my raymarine units, but at times i prefer to follow my jrc over the raymarine units. i can not speak for the fishfinder portion of the jrc but i feel my jrc unit was a great purchase. there are higher quality units from other manufactures but you will pay for them. another great deal, if you can find anymore, is the raymarine a65 and a60 gps/fishfinders. the were discontinued because they are no longer WASS compliant. in the spring those units were selling for as low as $300 brand new.
  8. here is a link i found with pictures http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.upangler.com/images/willisknot4.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.upangler.com/leadcore.html&usg=__ZO0TqAxIy8i5CU2QwpwQCYsFn2A=&h=377&w=500&sz=167&hl=en&start=8&um=1&tbnid=pYMa_hVBXJD3rM:&tbnh=98&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dleadcore%2Bknot%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1
  9. not sure what or if there is a name for it. this works great for mono line. strip about three inches of lead out from the sheath, make a loose overhand knot in the leadcore past the stripped out section. with a clean cut in your backing/leader slide the line inside the sheath until it meets up with the end of the lead. carefully slide the overhand knot over the end of the leadcore line which is now filled with backing/leader line. pull it tight making sure the backing/leader line still meets with the lead in the sheath. i use this with 40#, 30# and 20# mono and have never had this simple mono-filled overhand knot fail. i believe i first saw this knot in Great Lakes Angler magazine, credit to unknown author, years ago and have used it religiously ever since. if i can find a name for it or illustration i will post it.
  10. Captain Josh Keeran fishing out of Racine, Wisconsin with a 2000 Baha 272. I have been working on charter boats since i was 12 years old, and this summer will be 7 years a charter captain. I'm also a full time fireman/paramedic. I have the two greatest jobs in the world and am one of the few that can say i truely love my jobs.
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