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  1. I have picked up quite a few out of Muskegon in the past 3 weeks
  2. Lost a brute steelhead at the back of the boat boated a 17 pound king. Lost a couple others that felt big Sent from my XT1080 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  3. A little more information, north troll was better than south GPS sog was 3.2-3.6. N #s from 13.5-16s Sent from my XT1080 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  4. Headed offshore and ended up 6 for 11. 1 laker on an orange skunk 3 color steelhead on a Silver Streak orange skunk on both 3 color and a 75 coppr. Kings come on meat rigs 160 dn on rigger and 300 copper. Our best water was 360 FOW. Sent from my XT1080 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  5. I've found that down speeds also vary between brand of probes I know fish hawk and the sub Troll are about 4 tenths different I am not quite sure where the depth raider is in the mix. what I have found is when I hit a fish I look at the down speed and try to keep that the same no matter which direction we are going. That will allow you to adjust your boat speed and compensate for which ever way the current is flowing.
  6. Petersons' mark their nets with both staff buoys and orange jugs. The double orange flag staff buoy is over the pot (main part of the net). Then there are 2 shorter staff buoys that mark the wings(funnel into the pot typically towards shore slightly N & S of the pot) Then there are 2 more staff buoys 1 towards shore and 1 away from shore. Then you have the orange jugs which mark anchors typically 2 north and 2 south of the pot. Occasionally there will also be more jugs between the pot marker and the shore side buoy to mark anchors on the lead. Again here are some links for more info http://www.fishdock.net/trapnet and http://www.miseagrant.umich.edu/explore/fisheries/know-your-nets/trap-nets/
  7. You are going to be better off to record the GPS coordinates and contact the DNR through their RAP hotline at 1-800-292-7800. The USCG will only be of help if you're caught in it or hurt. This is only for loose or floating nets, not properly marked and working trap nets. Sent from my DROID X2 using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  8. The nets between GH and Muskegon are actively fished by Petersons a state licensed commercial fisher out of Muskegon (no affiliation with the tribal fishers). They have I believe 12 tags that can be fished (1 tag per net) and will most likely have nets both south and north of Muskegon. I also Know that NOAA occasionally runs a few nets from time to time for research purposes. Here is a link that has some more information on commercial trap nets http://www.fishdock.net/trapnet
  9. I had this very conversation with Officer Patton during my last dockside inspection. He informed me the best way to get them the information was to call the RAP Hotline: 1-800-292-7800.
  10. 1984 Nine Meter Trojan International asking $32000 OBO. I am the 3rd owner of this vessel the last owner and myself have used her as a Lake Michigan Charter boat. She is 30 ft long with an 11 ft 8 inch beam. She is powered by twin Crusader 454's with a total of 700 HP. I have been adamant about fluid changes and general preventive maintenance and used a professional marine mechanic for all other needs (IE. rebuild carbs and install new distributors w/ after market electronic ignition). She is ready to fish fully rigged with the following equipment: Ron's Trailers tri-axle trailer w/ electric brakes Custom made winter cover (no need to shrink wrap) 3 Cannon Digi-troll IV down riggers Lowrance lcX-15mt fish finder/GPS with external antenna Garmin GPS Map 441s Raymarine ST5000+ Autopilot w/ wired remote Moore Subtroll 900 w/ probe Uniden Marine 2 way radio JRC Radar 1000 Stainless Steel radar arch w/ 20 adjustable rod holders (4 up each side and 12 across the top) 12 rod holders on the gunnels and 3 on each rigger Alpine Stereo AM/FM/CD w/ I-pod hook up (HK Amp 4 speakers + sub) Danforth anchor w/ chain and line Electric windlass (needs installation) new marine carpet in helm area Dry-Tek flooring in cockpit DNR required safety equipment for charters: Type 1 life jackets with lights Throw ring water light fire extinguishers flare kit She has standard equipment in the cabin: V-berth dinette (also a bunk) Sm bunk under helm area (accessed from cabin) Vacu-flush head Microwave Refrigerator Lots of storage overhead rod storage Marine power cord automatic battery charger 3 marine batteries in 2 charging banks w/ an automatic battery isolation switch She is in the water and running charters out of Bluffton Bay Marina in Muskegon, Mi. Asking $32000 OBO
  11. Fished Friday night (8/30) went 8 for 13. Basically beat into the waves to the south west until 120 FOW turned with them at a northerly direction and started setting 75 down with a big white paddle took our first 2 fish. Corner riggers 54 and 62 with blue dolphin and a gold blade frozen veggies. high divers 140 back with a orange spinny and firecracker fly and the other high diver 80 back with a gold blade red huckleberry (silver streak standard size) high lines as follows 5 color gold blade red huckleberry, 6 color purple tail, 200 white screwball, 75 frozen bacon, 150 gold blade frozen veggies, 250 white chilly willy. Saturday night 4:30 to 7:15 dock to dock 1 for 3 160 to 180 FOW south troll. 5 color gold blade orange chilly willy, high diver 125 back orange spinny firecracker fly, 250 grn monkey puke. Sunday AM 5 for 8 first light 55 to 80 divers 80 and 125 back on 2 glow plugs, riggers 45 and 35 moon shine double trouble and glow purple muffin (streak) high lines with gold blades orange chilly willy and frozen veggies, glow spoons purple tail and frozen bacon. After the first light bite our best was 140 to 160 but it was pretty slow Sunday PM after the clouds come in we started getting bit ended up with 8 for 12. we picked away from 120 into 55 FOW then stayed in the 55 to 85 and continues to work fish big paddle bottom 25 ft on the center rigger, corner riggers at 45 and 54 (when possible) with blue dolphin and gold blade frozen veggies. low diver 125 with white paddle and meat (broke off ) high divers 80 back with Mag gold blade yager bomb and 125 back orange spinny and firecracker fly. high lines gold blade orange chilly willy and frozen vegies, glow blades purple tail and frozen bacon.
  12. Sorry guys 3 color with an orange and black thin fin, 150 w/ standard size screwball(silver streak) orange spoon on the 75, mixed veggies paddle on the shoot rigger 89 down(deepest bite) and the 2 corner riggers w/ the blues(main) and orange/yellow(fixed slider 10 ft up) 57 and 65ft down
  13. I'm going to keep it brief due to the tri-port challenge this weekend. We left dock at 10:30 and fished till 3:00. We ended up 10 for 15. Blues on the deeper sets and orange and yellow on the upper baits. Sorry for the lack of details I don't want to be real crowded on Saturday.
  14. fished both AM and PM Both Saturday and Sunday then Monday Am. With the strong winds the end of last week the water started out with a green tinge to it and the currents were changeing rapidly throughout the weekend. Saturday we did well in 180 to 220 with our North numbers in the 43.10's to 43.14's but as we went into sunday the fish seemed to move in and farther south with our depth of water moving into the 140 to 180 range and our North numbers pushing the 43.6 to 43.9 range. Petersons comercial nets still have a good number of fish near them and we also started to see some nice bait balls on the screens in the deeper water. bait colors changed a little bit throughout the days depending on cloud cover and how stained the water was. Green was a definate taboo this weekend . Whenever we dropped something with greeen it would shut off that area of the boat, pull the green and other rods would come back alive. The larger kings seem to be getting fewer and ferwer we still had a good number of the 3 to 5lb Coho and some smaller kings with an ocational Steelie. We got fish to go throughout the water collum anywhere from a 3 color to 145 ft of cable out on the rigger. spoons and Lg flasher fly combos nothing really stood out with the clouds moving in and out we did a lot of color changes. If I had to pick a favorite my blue and cromes on sunny situations and Orange and golds and some purples on cloudy rigs. The fish are moving thats for sure supposed to have strong south winds all week we shall see what that does for muskegon I would assume we will be fishing a bit north when the winds calm down.
  15. Hey buddy, I have my bad day's. Mostly good ones. I really pay attention to what I'm doing. Thanks. We'll find out what that wind did to my fish, heading out @ 6
  16. If I can figure out how to post here from my phone I'll try to keep up the reports I am hopeing to fish all week weather depending.
  17. South of Muskegon Channel we found smaller Coho's in 160-180 FOW top 30ft. While the bigger Kings and Coho were in 120-145 FOW and in the top 65ft of water. We run Purples and oranges in the top 30ft and blues and greens from 35-65ft down. Both mag and standard size spoons and both the 8 and 11 inch flasher fly combos took fish. We ended at 8:30 with 13 for 15. 7 Coho 5 Kings 1 Brown
  18. Adding another dipsy each side is going to be your least expensive way to go I will run either 2 braids per side with a mag on the inside and a standard #1 high or if I need to get deep I will run the mag on a wire set up. I also run up to 6 board a side with any thing from a flat line to 300 copper I run all orange waleye boards and I wrap the release so the board stays hooked and does not slide back to the bait when it gets ripped hard or just bounces in the waves just right. The bumbier it is the less boards I run they tend to start jumping over eachother.
  19. Kyle I have found that some of the manufacturers have a captains program if you run a charter. I went to Okuma and they just needed proof of my charter which was a card and a copy of my license and they gave me a decent discount off retail. my bait I am pro staffed so I get that through them along with my terminal tackle but if you give the companies a call let them know you like ther product and would like to order direct most of them will work with you. Good Luck
  20. I agree with Walleye Express you should report the inspector to the DNR along with a statement from your repair guy so let them know that the incident is not just your opinion. I am up for dry dock this off season and don't really know what to expect. Does any body know if the inspector finds somthing wrong can you do something to double check there results without cutting into the boat. If so how do you prove to the DNR the original inspector is wrong?
  21. Had a great crew Monday night 6 collage buddies from all over. we went north to the 17s and trolled north to 22.4 in 150 to 165 FOW as the sun got lower we worked into 110 FOW. started the evening a little slow bumped our SOG to 3.8 on the north troll and 2.8 on the south. Fish loved the 11 inch white w/ pearl blade w/ the oceana fly down 110 an 8 inch white protroll with oceana 95 down and a blue glow frog spin doctor with a blue bubble fly 85 down the 300 coppers were holding there own with both blue and green scaley J-plugs. ended the evening with 15 for 21.
  22. The 55's will be big enough. I am to the understanding that the 30 # will only get the same depth as your lead with the same distance out. Here is a chart for the 45 # Target Depths for Segments of 45# Copper 75ft 15-25 ft down 150ft 35-50 ft down 300ft 60-90 ft down 450ft 110-140ft down Remember that copper is a differant beast than lead. It is very touchy be carefull when letting it out or you could have a major mess. Good luck and tight lines
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