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  1. Thanks for the report Ben. It-Il-Do has been one of those flies that has produced fish from spring on. Good luck out there.
  2. Awesome fish Jim. That fly has been hot for a lot of people this season and diffinetly one of our hottest flies. Thanks for the report and tight lines.
  3. Thanks HOtDog71, the hybrid series have been the best for us as well and we will probably have them available next season. Thanks again for the report.
  4. Hey Joe, just seeing how you did this past summer and how those flies worked out for you. I have new colors and a new series of flies coming this spring. UV flies will be out for 2010. Also we will have our website up here shortly before the end of DEcember. Hope you did well and good luck in 2010.

    Tim Crichton

    Blue Water Tackle

  5. Selling a Happy Troller Trolling plate that slows your speed to desired trolling speeds. Just the plate, I don't have any of the bolts or hardware. Selling for $75 obo. Tim [email protected]
  6. I am selling a Hummingbird wide portrait unit with thransducer and power cord. Transducer (xt-6-tb-90-1) it is a high speed transducer. Selling all together for $80 obo. Tim [email protected]
  7. I am selling a hummingbird wide optic fish finder. It comes with speed and temp sensor that can be used with all other hummingbird units. Transducer (xt-6-tb-90-4) has temp but will include temp sensor for any other unit you might have. Selling all together for $80 obo. Tim [email protected]
  8. I am selling a Hummingbird see thru hull transducer (XTH-6-TB-90-02-03) it has been used but is in good condition. I am selling it for $40 obo. It fits all matrix units, all 700 units, 300 units, most 900 units and 500 units, and some pirahna units. It has a single/ dual beam, 20/60 degree, 200/83 kHZ transducer. Tim [email protected]
  9. I have a Garmin external antenna that fits most garmin gps fish finders. Garmin GA 29 GPS Antenna with 30 feet of wire will be on sale for only $30 obo. Also has power cord for most garmin units. Tim [email protected]
  10. UV flashers work great in deep water where visible light does not penetrate. Hot spot UV green haze has also worked great for me. Combine them with a UV fly from Yogurt flies and that is the most effective deep water rig out there.
  11. Looking through the site and found this poll. Have to put in yogurt flies!! Most durable flies ever used, best colors "Get Some" and "You Better Not" have been killers for 3 years. Tim Crichton "Blue Water"
  12. I know that there are a few people that want to see the full line of flies that we carry. Until I get the website up we will be at a few seminars and shows. Two to mention that we will have a table set up at are D&R sports Salmon Days on March 7, also we will have a table setup at the Grand Rapids Steelheaders Tackle Sale also on March 7. This will take place at Diamond Hall 435 Diamond St. NE it runs from 9 to 3. We should be in grand rapids in the morning for that tackle sale if not for the whole sale. Thanks for showing interest guys and I hope to see many of you in Kalamazoo or if to far in Grand Rapids. Tim Crichton BlueWater "Yogurt Flies" 248-863-7521
  13. Yes We should have a webpage up by the end of Feb. We have some new colors and we will have coho flies for this upcoming season. If anyone is wondering where they can see the full line we will be at D&R Sports Center in Kalamazoo on March 7 for there salmon days. Thanks for the call Maniac and we will be hitting stores up and down the lake michigan coast this upcoming month. Any questions or if you would like to order some flies please contact Tim at 248-863-7521. Tim Crichton Yogurt Flies 248-863-7521
  14. Thank you Boomerang, sorry about the goose egg with these flies, wish I would have got them to you in the middle of summer.` Thank you again and I hope next season you have some great success on our flies. Tim Crichton Yogurt Flies
  15. Thank you Maniac, glad to see a couple of fish there. I wish I would have got these flies out earlier in the season when the big kings were still out, but what can you do. Thank you for testing these flies out and I hope next season our flies will really produce for you. Tim Crichton Yogurt Flies
  16. I mostly run them off the divers, but times I have had great success running them on the deep rigger. This past weekend the deep rigger with a white/green SD and a Holy Glow Yogurt Fly took 4 of our 12 fish. I do run the flasher back 15 -30 feet or if it is near other rigs I will run it back farther. Tight Lines.
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