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  1. Tom (TLTorrice) and I hit Manistee harbor Saturday and got 4 lines set by about 5:30am. We started straight out in the 15's in 95fow heading north away from the traffic. As soon as we got lines set they started going, and going and going! Doubles, triples, non-stop action for an hour and a half! Seemed like most of the time we only had one line left in the water. We didn't have time to really steer, we just looked up often enough to make sure we didn't run into anyone and luckily there wasn't anyone around. I think we ended up in about 160fow when the action finally slowed at 7am. That's when we emptied the cooler to see if we were near our limit yet. We had nine. There was a mix of steelhead, mature and 2 year old kings, the 2 bigger ones going 18 and 19 pounds. We released 2 more, lost one then got number 10 about an hour later and headed to the cleaning station.We've never seen such great action in Manistee and it's only July! Here's what worked: Big Al's glow flasher with red meat rig on rigger 60 ft down Happy Meal on rigger 50ft down Blue glow spin doctor with blue glow dreamweaver fly on wire out 150 Area 51 on wire out about 170
  2. Nice job Andy and team. you always seem to get on the fish! Well done.
  3. Fished with Tom (TLTORRICE) and my son Reilly out of Manistee this weekend. Went out Saturday and set lines about 1pm in 5-7 foot waves in 200fow and trolled with the waves. Finally got a fish when we hit 90fow. A nice 17 lb king on the wire pulling meat behind a NBK spin doctor. Had to wake up my sea sick son to reel it in. great fight, lots of runs but we got it in the box and decided to pull lines after only an hour of fishing. with the last rod in the water we got another fish on a green dolphin off the rigger in 60 fow. a 16lb king we had Reilly reel in to keep his head from swimming. we called it a day and had high hopes for Sunday morning. We got Reilly up at 5am and he surprised us by agreeing to go out in 2-4 footers. We followed the crowd and fished the shelf with no success. Finally got a hit on a green Ace high plug once we made our way to 60fow but the line broke due to a forgotten snubber. we saw a blank screen all day, fished until noon and went 0 for 1. tough day! Water was 45 degrees at just 30 foot down and we figured the fish were scattered. Probably should have fished in close from the start.
  4. Great job Brandon. you did better in Manistee than we did and we did better than anyone else we talked to up there.
  5. Nice report Tom. Great trip and good to see nice healthy looking kings, much thicker and better fighters than the previous few years. So many alewives they're dying of old age before all getting eaten.
  6. Stinger NBK has always worked the best for me too
  7. Thanks Chris, I'm in wellston and that view will come in handy
  8. Tom (TLTorrice) and I took my daughter Taylor out Sunday straight out from the port. we set up in 400 fow and trolled with the 3-5 foot waves toward shore. Fishing has been tough in Manistee due to all of the warm water so we declared it "meat day" and ran all meat rigs just to see what would happen. We found 45 degree water down at about 120fow and set one rigger there and the other at 100. wires out to 230 and 270, and 2 lead core 10 colors. The first fish came on the deep rigger and Taylor muscled in a 17.1 1lber. That fish came on a green hoochie pulling a green meat rig. the second fish came on the 270 wire pulling a NBK spin doctor with a green meat rig. That fish was 10 lbs Third fish came on the deep rigger while setting it and was a throw back. The waves were building and we were thinking of calling it a day but Taylor said we were wimps and shamed us into making one last run. We ran out to 450 fow and picked up a 9 lber when I dropped the deep rigger from 110 to 125. Tom and I noticed we were now looking up at the waves while standing on the back of the boat and called it a day at 330pm. Taylor reeled in all of the fish going 4 for 4 and we all had a blast.
  9. We hooked up with 3 majors last week off Oak Orchard and all 3 handed it to us big time, those big guys over there seem really angry this year!
  10. Matt, my biggest was a 27lb King on a NBK spindoctor with green mirage fly. braided line, mag dipsy 150 back set on 1.5.
  11. Great Job Adam, great report. That's one successful trip! I've been wanting to get some new glow spoons-now I know some good ones to try, thanks
  12. Nice Buck Tom, good job man. I cna't wait to check out that farm tomorrow!
  13. Nice work Andy, you must have gotten some good size fish according to your placements in the tournament results. I wish I could have been there.
  14. Nice going Andy, way to keep after them! You ended up with a good box of fish, you must have had a lot of action in a short time
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