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  1. 35 ft boat slip for rent in Montague Mi. at Maple beach Yacht club $1200 for the season Text or call 231-329-2205
  2. I love night fishing the secret is not to leave the dock to early. I generally leave the dock around midnight and set lines around one. We also start in closer to shore if they where catching 160 fow will setup in 60 fow. Fishing is usually pretty steady all night and best time month is during the full moon. During the fall run will sneak in and run sand bars. There's a little more planning with lighting and safety equipment sense you maybe only boat out there until fleet shows up the morning bite.
  3. http://www.sterndrive.cc/ put one on my boat works great, three year no fault warranty 1295.00 can't rebuild for for this
  4. Interested please pm phone number thanks Tinman
  5. Do they have a website where we can order a pair
  6. Just buy the Dept Raider instead, and say honey. look i save 250.00 buying this over the Fish Hawk (look at all the money i saved )
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