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  1. I run 10# big game with a floro carbon leader
  2. Angles are a very good point, alot of times depending on the way the current is going your angle of approach makes a huge difference. It can cause your speed to be fast or slow, cause your lures to dig down a little more. and also affect the way they move past the fish. Idealy you want em just above the bait at least that works for me.Some time if on a point i will come up to the point and cut out to deep water and let my lures swing over point. Thanks
  3. I am fairly new on this site and have been away from the big eyes for a while. We fish out of eastern Lake Ontario, and I knotice alot of people using spoons now. I always used bombers, thundersticks off the big boards. CAn you give me some tips on the spoons. How far back from boards, in line weights? speed. Thanks Greg
  4. I had a set on my sportcraft and if it was to rough for the boards we would run the outriggers. Caught alot of eyes off them only limited to 1 line a side.
  5. Looking for a newer boat trailer for a Thompson 240 fisherman HT. Good shape.
  6. Hello, fishing out of eastern Lake ontario. Looking for those () Eyes ()
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