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  1. Then go invest $80k into salmon fishing, then watch them disappear. I'm sure your "thankful" attitude would change..
  2. I didnt spend all that money to catch lake lizards and walleyes....
  3. Last Year, April 29th 2009 80# box Port Sanilac. Same baitfish then as there is now.
  4. You have boated king #23 that I have heard caught all year, by about 50 different boats and 4 tournaments, that have been fishing for the last month. No, they are not there. Tourney #1- Salmon Stakes Media Tourney....0 kings 14 boats Tourney #2- Spring Fling.............................2 kings 27 boats Tourney #3- Salmon Stakes.........................7 kings 128 boats Tourney #4- Lexington A&A.........................3 kings 29 boats I'm sure there have been more than 23 kings caught out of Lk Huron so far this year, but those are the ones that I know about, from the guys who fish it daily. I fished all my good spots for 4 days straight, and 2 the following weekend, never caught a king. Since it is a very short season around here, we are all pretty much in tune as to what goes on out there. If it was worth fishing, I would be there, right now.
  5. Paul, There are no kings. Brought my boat home last week, for a reason. Lexington tournament tomorrow, I'm guessing 35-40 pounds will win it, all lakers. Lake Huron is pathetic. Nothing like last year. If there were fish, I would be there, without a doubt. I talked to 3 or 4 guys who prefished today, only a few greasers boated out of all of them, no silver at all, from Lex to Harbor Beach.
  6. Change the oil every 80hrs or so, and you will never need to, unless you just hafta have the power.
  7. Amazing... you really have a cherry there buddy. Take care of her, she will last a long time. Mine just turned 3070 hrs this weekend, and still runs like a brand new machine. The beautiful part about our 27 Opens is just the timeless look they have, and how they keep a resale value, not so much the last 2 yrs, but it will come back. I bought mine in 2007, for the tune of $42k. I am the 4th owner, and am personal friends with the previous 3, who pampered it just as much as I do. The only downfall is the underpowered 220 Crusaders, which will be replaced when needed, just hopefully no time soon. Enjoy your pride of the Great Lakes...
  8. Hey, it's my twin... Right down to the same Atlantic tower. I'm guessing 1984??
  9. My outside riggers have 10# chrome sharks, I keep high. Centers are still 12# coated finned roundballs, which are usually out of the water by 10am anyhow. I seldom see deeper than 100' on Lk Huron, and usually 30-60 is my constant depth. I have 100% confidence in Sharks, thats why I use them. I do not feel they spook fish, at all. They catch 75% of fish on my rigger presentation. May or may not be a factor, who knows. Until I can no longer catch fish, I will use them..
  10. IMO, the best rods for the money, Ugly Stick Tiger Rod mod 2201. 7' Med Action, Stainless Guides, and enough backbone to pull core and boards. If I could only buy one rod that had to last me the rest of my life it would be those, hands down. Unless you really want to do it right, just buy a dozen rp2's...
  11. Welcome to Lake Huron Paul... I thought you were just gonna fish the river??
  12. Go real easy with the heat gun. Start on a corner of a letter to get it started, then pull while appling heat. You dont want to melt them off. Wheel out the transom good, wipe down with alcohol, then vinyl graphic. The guy who makes it for you will explain how its done. Then finish with wheel-wax. Mine cost $75
  13. Well, I was gonna show you mine, but somehow it wont let me post 'em.. Thats a sweet rig TiaraGuy
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