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  1. you should come up to canada and put a school on. Every year there is a spring fishing and boat show in toronto, that would be a great forum for your school. Just my opinion. later
  2. Hey, I had similar problmes with my lc28xhd. Was talking to lowrance here in canada, and I took couple of pictures of the screens and sent them to them. My screen would go black and scroll though and then I would have a black and white screen, and eventually would go back to the colour. They told me it was a combination of old software and poor transducer. I updated the software, but no change, in the spring I will change out the transducer. if that doesn't work, looks like I will be getting a new unit. Every thing else works fine on the fishfinder, gps, chartplotter and radar. I hate to change out the unit as the radar will not be compatible with the new HDS7 which I was told by lowrance is the replacement. later
  3. Does anyone have any input on the Evinrude FICHT outboards?? Been looking at a 2000 Proline WA with a 225HP Evinrude FICHT outboard was wondering if they are good or bad? thanks in advance
  4. I'm spending my time searching the net, looking for a new boat!!!! Sold my old one.
  5. have a 14ft starcraft, rated for a 25hp. was going to get a motor, either 15hp or 20hp, would it be worth the extra money for a 20hp or better off getting the 15hp?? Thanks in advance
  6. if a boatshop/dealer will not let you take it out, something isn't adding up. Never known of a dealer who wouldn't take a potential customer out for a test drive on a used boat or talk to the owner. just my opinion
  7. starting to look into some info on the starcraft islander with outboard for my next purchase. was wondering what people thought of the boat. I here it is a good boat and can handle rough water. has anyone have problems with loose rivits?? after a few years, are they fairly water tight?? My first boat was a smokercraft and it didn't take long for the rivits to loosen up. would like to go with an outboard, thinking aout 150HP, anyone have any comments regarding the outboard model. Have heard positive things about the inboards. does the outboard version plow throught the water, can it get up on plane fairly quickly?? figure I'll get as much info as I can before I talk to a dealer. thanks
  8. What I have done to my boats in the past and my current one is to take a piece of lexan, drill and tap it for transducer location and the stick it on the transom with 3M 5200, will never come off. Then screw your transducer into the holes that you just drilled and tapped, put some sealant on the threads to keep them from backing off (don't use 5200 for that or you'll never get them out if you want to change out transducers)
  9. hello, I also going to try to run copper for the first time. Was planning on using a Diawa 57LC with 45lb copper and 50lb braid for backing. Never put much thought in the type of rod until I read one of the replies. My original intention was to use one of my older downrigger rods, but now I am re thinking. Do i need a roller rod for copper, or a twilli tip on the end of the rod. Hope everyhting works out. thanks
  10. Have some old spoons that have faded. Thinking about repainting them somehow to dress them up. Has anyone ever done this, do you air brush?? I've seen lots of sppons that people dress up with tape, and I have seen spoons that people paint and look like crap (wether they catch fsih, don't know). Thought I would try something diferent Thanks
  11. thanks, getting alot of good info good day to everyone
  12. thanks for everyone's reply. What backing is recommended. Should I go with a 30lb or 50lb power pro braid?? Thanks again
  13. Going to try to use copper wire this year, was wondering what is the best weight to use?? Any idea how deep it will go?? Thanks in advance
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