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  1. Let me check when I get home tonight. I think I have way more dipsies than I will ever need and the trade sounds good. A friend moved to Florida and gave me his supply, but I'm not sure what size they are. Mike
  2. I have 2 wire and 2 PPro dipsy rods on my boat and it has been suggested by an experienced fisherman that I keep the wire and go with Slide Divers on the PPro instead of adding more rods. Good suggestion? I see there is a new SD Lite Bite out this year. Is that the one to buy? Do I need the depth rings too? Weight of PPro to use with a SD setup? Thanks for the help. Mike
  3. Mine is closer to the Wisconsin Fish Boil. Big pot with lots of water ( mine is 8 gal with a basket) . Add about a cup of kosher or pickling salt and bring to a boil. Add skinned onions, one per person, and leave the root tip as best you can to hold it together...vadelias are great. After 5 minutes, add one potatoe per person. Boil about 40 minutes, or until potatoes feel close to done. Add another 1/2 cup of salt and the fish of choice. I use lakers or salmon, filets that are skinned, and add them to the pot in a basket. Boil another 12 minutes. Serve with lots of melted butter. I just cleaned out the freezer and did this for a camping group Memorial Day weekend, and some had 3 helpings! Others who generally don't eat fish tried it and had seconds. Mike
  4. Hotdog71, I recently scanned my manual and can send you the manual as a pdf file. Send me a private message. Yooperdad
  5. Slipknot, like I said above, I haven't tried it yet either. But I made several and I'm going to! Good luck. Mike
  6. Wolf99, how did you make out with the counters you were looking for? I may need one too, so am curious what you ended up with. Thanks, Yooperdad
  7. Nice fish and great day on the water. We still have float ice here in Marquette. Yooperdad
  8. Did you try Niel at Walker Downrigger Service Center? 269-673-7442 FAX 269-673-1886 I found his prices very reasonable for the few parts I have needed. Yooperdad
  9. This whole topic sounded familiar so did a quick Google. A % of the gas tax goes to the State Waterways Fund to support boating, harbor construction, etc. There was a ballot proposal in 2006 to protect that money from politicians, but it didn't pass. Found this in the article: CRC was able to identify one diversion of resources from these funds and accounts in the recent past, a FY02 diversion of $7.8 million from the Waterways Fund to help balance the state's general fund budget. I didn't find the % of the gas tax that goes into the fund. Yooperdad
  10. I am reading your posts about spring fishing with a degree of envy. There are a lot of good things to be said about living in the UP, but getting an early spring is not one of them. More snow yesterday and today, so it will be a while yet before the boat gets out:mad: Yooperdad
  11. Excellent Frank. You are fortunate to have a "fishing buddy" close to home. Yooperdad
  12. Cheap is good! Good suggestion SalmonQuest. Asking about fly storage, I guess my concern was crushing the flies flat and perhaps losing some of the pulse action in the water. If flat in a wallet doesn't affect catchability, that would certainly be the simplest and cheapest way to go. Yooperdad
  13. Ken, nice pics. Isn't it amazing how fast those kids grow? Enjoy while you can. Been to Raber many times, and to Lime Island. Beautiful spot. I last fished Detour in 2004. We caught fish, like you, but nothing like we used to. We got a slip at the marina and camped right next door at the campground. Nice setup. For 2005, your catch was pretty decent! Hope to go back there some day and spend a little time. Yooperdad
  14. I didn't know if the fly I tied and described was very clear in my initial post, so took a picture tonight. It's a glow squid with the sparse fly. What do you think of the combination? Yooperdad
  15. Nice a nice set up Caz. I ordered tubes separately and will put them in another box. GIVE a man a fish and he’ll eat well for a day. TEACH a man to fish and his wife will soon notice a steady decrease in their savings account. Yooperdad
  16. I just spent more time than I should have at the Fisher Tackle website...have to go to work soon:D That is some interesting stuff they have. Those glow beads look really good and the strips look like a great substitute for the real herring strips that I make at home. I'll have to look again tonight. I saw where you can buy the beads and strips, but didn't see that they sell the rattle heads without their fly? Thanks again. Sorry, but don't get that direction often any more. Used to have a daughter living in Redford, but she moved to Green Bay last year. Don't cross the bridge south anymore unless I have to:no: Yooperdad
  17. Walker stackers??? Didn't know there was such a thing. Could that be clipped on the coated cable without doing damage to the coating? Where did you buy them? I have never seen them in any of the online stores, but maybe because I never looked for them. And Gander Mountain in Marquette is the only real store we have available and they don't carry them. I usually put sliders on when things are slow and I want more bait in the water. Have tried running stackers and usually ended up with tangles of some kind:( so have not paid much attention to stackers in recent years. Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I settled on Walkers many years ago. They are so easy to set with the right tension and then just snap the line in. I have a few Offshores and Big Jons that I used to use on the boat too, but much prefer these. Very foolproof. Yooperdad
  18. What method did you use to connect the subtroll Kingfisher? I have used Walker releases for a long time and really like them, so wanted a way to still use them with the subtroll. Here's a picture of what I came up with. I must have 4 or 5 coats of liquid rubber on it to cover the metal, and did that with it assembled and with a downrigger ball hanging on it, to make sure there was good metal to metal contact under the coating. I hope it works. Yooperdad
  19. I had always used squid, and think I only had 1 fly until now. Went nuts making them this winter, and now I need storage for about 40 Some on tubes and a lot of glows with glow heads. Yooperdad
  20. Perfect. I just ordered tubes from Atomik. Thanks.
  21. It's been a long winter, some of which was passed making a bunch of trolling flies. Now that I have them rigged and hanging from a hook over my bench, I need to figure out a good way to store them for use on the boat. My squids are in a wallet affair that has plastic bag type pages. You coil the leader and squid and then the whole thing goes in it's own bag. Don't really want to smash the flies in the same way. What do you guys use? Thanks, Yooperdad
  22. Nailer, when did you fish Detour? That was my favoritae spot for years. Took a vacation there every year from about 1987 to 2003, usually the first full week in August. What a beautiful spot and the fishing used to be great. Yooperdad
  23. I was messing around last night, rigging all the flies I tied this winter to be ready for the season. I noticed a pack of glow squids in my stuff so put together a few combos to experiment with. Treble hook, then 3 glow beads, then single hook, then 5" glow squid, topped off with a sparsely tied fly using Mirage tinsel on a glow head. Looks kind of weird, but both baits catch fish alone, and I'm curious if there would be additional attraction to the squid by the movement of the tinsel? Has anyone tried this combo or know of anyone else that ties up their own? Thanks, Yooperdad
  24. OK. OK. I'll listen to all the advice and mount it on the dash and see how it goes this year. I sure do appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Sure would be nice to be able to get at the boat and get the unit mounted. With all the new snow yesterday, it's going to be several more weeks now before I can get her out of the back yard. Thanks again, Yooperdad
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