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  1. I'm always up early. Dam, this winter is getting long. I'll be spending a lot of time on the computer this weekend, on this site and GLA, thinking spring.
  2. I bought them here http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/lure_heads.htm Yooperdad
  3. Thanks. My first time out to fish it was in 4-7's with wind. Everyone chose to stay in port and go back to bed because of the conditions, except one guy who said he was going to try it for a while. Being so anxious, I decided to follow him out, first to chart the way between the rocks to deep water, and second because I was so hot to fish. I was just amazed that with those conditions, we were actually able to fish with the wind and it really wasn't that bad. Even put a few in the box. Made a believer of me in my "new to me" Whaler. YooperDad
  4. This is a 1984 Whaler that had spent most of it's life in a boat house. I found and bought it in 2006. It even came with a variety of canvas configurations, all original, and all like new. Re-powered with a 200 Merc, now have 4 Walker electrics and a Subtroll, and am hot for the season to get here. Haven't had much time to fish the last few years but when I do, I fish at Fairport, MI, (the photo), Cedar River(Green Bay), or close to home in Marquette on Lake Superior. The boat is a great fishing platform, small enough to trailer, yet big enough for most any weather conditions that come along. YooperDad
  5. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/tips/making_flys.htm Good "how to make flies instructions" with photos. YooperDad
  6. http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/ I have bought a lot of stuff from them. Good quality, prices, and very fast!
  7. Silver One, I just got a Subtroll last fall and also have Walkers. I read a post on GLA that Walkers tear the coating from the cable. Has that been an issue for you? Mike
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