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  1. a 40+ lber was taken out of gbay off manitoulin island last year or the year before. couch potato of fish they hang around the nets and eat the food that drops through. just troll with something orange and i second they taste great
  2. january 7th on bay of quinte last year but that doesn't really count because i hadn't put my boat away yet. i was out after browns last year on the 2nd weekend in march this year hopefully next weekend for lakers off niagara
  3. 7 minutes from the launch in hamilton harbour on the western tip of ontario
  4. i would get sonar first then camera. i spend alot of time perch fishing and the sonar is great when you are hole hopping trying to find fish. plus as said the sonar reads top to bottom and that really helps when you are trying to pull the perch up 10 ft to keep the school active. you never miss a fish with the camera though. you can see is the perch just has the tails of the tube in it's mouth or has the whole bait. the sonar can't tell you that. i tie wrap my camera so it is pointing down at an angle so i can see more. when i am on fish i use the camera and put away the marcum but if i could only have one it would be my marcum.
  5. hi my names dave nice looking site and i am glad to be here i fish out of an 18 alaskan i mostly fish the north west side of ontario for salmon and trout out of bronte. i also fish erie and g-bay although there isn't a heck of alot of salmon left around manitoulin compared to years ago.
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