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  1. Hey all, just trying to get an idea of the die-hard fishermen out there still attacking the big lake. I'm still out on the weekends and launch between Duluth and Two harbors, MN. Anyone else still out there? -Kevin-
  2. Hey Rich! I noticed you from GLAngler. I came over to Bayfield last weekend with Fisher Johnson and did pretty well around the islands. It was nice to get over that way and look foward to catching more browns! Go Howie Flies!!! -Kevin-
  3. I hear of people using full core and after using 5 core I can't imagine reeling in a full core with a 15 lbs king or laker on the other end! If I need to get my presentation down to 40 feet or more I'll just use riggers or divers. My setup now consists of 4 riggers, 2 slide divers, 2 five color lead cores, and board lines with snap weights (mast system and inline boards). I only have an 18 footer and fish 3 people normally. You can only use 2 rods per person in MN...it's a drag. -Kevin-
  4. Thanks guys. That lake trout was tough to get in on 5 colors of lead. A lot of line to reel in! Leroy, yes we should stay in touch so we can team up on the fish and since you and I are about the only two from the North Shore we wouldn't be sharing our secrets with the whole world either! Question...what are any good books for me to read on trolling that would apply to Lake Superior fishing? Looking for some reading material to get me through the winter. Thanks, -Kevin-
  5. Headed out with Matt (fisher johnson). The Bay was calm but we launched at Bayfield at 6:30 where there was already a breeze. We fished the Bayfield area and after the wind picked up we moved over to Madeline. We ended the trip going 11 for 12. All small fish with the exception of a decent brown about 20". 2 coho, 3 lakers, the rest were browns. Hot baits were the new 57 chev Brads, Rapala jointed shap rap crawfish/orange belly pattern, purple/pink Storm deep thunderstick jr., Anuerism spoon, and a blue/ silver Scotty spoon. Water temps were 48º. Best speeds were 2.3-2.4 mph. All fish were shallow, 20' or less, with most fish coming in less than 30 fow. -Kevin- http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee140/kuk999/LilBrown.jpg http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee140/kuk999/Brown.jpg
  6. Rich hit it on the head...Jim's Flashbacks have been great for me too. -Kevin-
  7. Hey All, Just came across this site and looked like a place that could be a good resource for fishing knowledge. This is my first year trolling on Lake Superior and my main launches this year have been out of Knife River, MN and Superior, WI. Hopefully more people will join from my area as I can really only see one other person who posted on the Superior, MN area (Special X). Check out my post from the past week and you can see that there is still some great fishing until the hard water gets here!!! -Kevin-
  8. Hi All, just stumbled upon this site and here is a fishing report out of the Knife River. 11/03 - Launched out of Knife River and ended up going 4 for 5 with 3 lakers and 1 looper. Hot colors worked well. 2 fish came off of 5 colors of leadcore and the other 2 came off of boards flatlined 75 feet back. Speeds from 2.3 to 3.0 mph gps. Here is a picture of one of the nice lakers 36 inches and around 15 lbs. The other picture is of the 23 inch looper that was doing aerial acrobats during the fight. 11/08 - Took a day off of work and headed out of the Knife River all by my lonesome. Went 3 for 3 with a looper, coho, and lake trout. 2 fish came off of leadcore (5 colors) and the 25 inch looper came off of an inline planer 120 feet back on a '57 chev (the new Brad's from MG). All hot colors again. Speeds from 2.3 to 2.8 mph gps. -Kevin-
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