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  1. Also I’m aware of the rigger hit that happened while this fish was being netted, no one was home when I noticed..... whoops
  2. We fished Holland this morning. We set up in 80 and trolled pit to 140. Took 3 lakers in 135 and marked quite a few fish in those depths up and down the water column. We lost something big on a 10 color with an all silver j plug in 134’. We had it to the back of the boat and the hook harness gave way, that fish was silver. Took an odd small mature king? in the Holland channel as we trolled the pier heads and the channel. Plenty of marks in the mudline but who knows what they are.
  3. We went 5-6 out of Holland last night. We fished from 5-9pm and fished anywhere from 70 fow to 150 fow. We had one hit early on a 200 cu in 115 feet that was a nicer fish but lost it. It was dead until 8pm when we hit a double with a very nice laker probably in the 20 lb range (didn't have a scale) and a smaller king. Then we hit a very nice king (20 + lbs) in 135 fow on a wire dipsy with a monkey puke meat rig out 165'. The other fish were both lakers one nicer sized one and one smaller. Both kings came on the same meat rig on the diver. 2 trout were on a yellow dodger with prism tape on one side with a pink spin n glo. 300 cu also took one laker as we pulled lines. 135-100 fow was where we took all the fish and we were slightly north to straight out from the piers.
  4. We also pulled a 20+ pound laker out of Holland on 6/30. Ours came on a yellow dodger with prism tape and a pink spin and glow. It was quite the surprise.
  5. Let us know how you do on Friday village. I am hoping to go out of Holland this weekend and was looking for some advice on where to start. Good luck and tight lines.
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