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  1. I ran 450,400,300,250,200 the 250 went off twice with a glow plug. That was only hit on copper
  2. Yes there were a bunch of marks 40ft on up. I put stuff on top but no takers. Had a few marks up really high this morning in 74° water. I had 3 hits on a free slider with rigger at 60ft. Not sure what happened but I didn't land any of them.
  3. Fish from 6:15-10:15am started in about 70 fow straight out of holland. First fish (6lb coho) came on a mag RV flounder pounder down 50ft in about 85 fow. Around 6:40am Second fish was another coho on a wonderbread plug on a 200 copper around 7:30 105 fow. Third fish was a steelhead at 10:00 on a wire high diver out 150ft in 150ish fow. I think that was a mag silver streak blue dolphin. Water temp seemed to be all over the place. I also had a hard time keeping speed consistent. All hits did come in the 2.8 to 3.1 mph. It was a very nice morning just very slow.
  4. Just before dusk, made to sharp of a turn and was in a hurry to get in before fireworks.
  5. Very nice! We went out from 730 to 930 with no hits. Did not really mark anything either. Only excitement was a 400 and 300 copper getting into a rats nest. Sent from my SM-N960U using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. Down eastern Alexa by billy Joel while going threw the chanal
  7. I use a golfclub shaft fitted with a meat hook for a gaff. It's all I use when fishing by myself it works well for me.
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